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SEP-OCT 2017

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® All too often, some dealers draw conclusions about the IDAExpo that falsely leads them to believe the event is optional for those who want to achieve the highest levels of success possible. Expo is the ONLY place a door and access systems dealer can go each year to access the information and tools needed for exceptional growth and profitability. Two days of education that aim directly at meeting the challenges and problems being faced by door dealers at the time of each Expo. Two days of product showcasing that give dealers the ability to find out what's new, what's emerging and what's available. You can meet with your most important manufacturers and suppliers, and identify new product providers that you may never have considered without being at the event, personally. I have been attending the IDAExpo for many years, and I've learned that I don't get as much out of the event if I just randomly select some classes to attend, and then walk the show floor in one day, just to see my friends who are exhibiting, pick up some giveaways and then head out for some fun and entertainment. I have learned that by planning to attend as many seminars as possible, on topics that most affect my business, that I will gain enough new information and ideas that more than cover the cost of my attending Expo and being out of the office for a week. I've also learned that I can find out an amazing amount of information by taking full advantage of exhibit time, and taking a minute to speak with people representing companies that I don't know. I have learned that asking "What do you have that's new " yields an enormous amount of information from exhibitors. If you are one of the many dealers who believes that the exhibits just feature the same old things year after year, I can tell you without reservation that you are wrong! There's new items in most of the exhibits. You may already know about the things you already buy that are new, but how many exhibits do you walk past without stopping Each time you disregard an exhibit, you may be passing up a new product that could provide you with a new revenue stream, diversification or other significant benefit to your basis. If not, you may have a lost a minute or two, but nothing more. And finally, one incredible benefit, discussing issues with your fellow dealers. Over the years I have made many friends throughout the industry by attending Expo, with whom I have shared ideas long after Expo is over. This is one incredible asset that has paid dividends far beyond the cost of Expo and my membership. The ability to pass ideas from one to another on what has worked and more importantly, what has not, has saved me time and money. I just don't like trying to invent the wheel all over again. If you are reading this, please make plans to join us in Las Vegas. You will not regret it, and you will be making a sure bet! But just as importantly, you can't miss the 2018 IDAExpo. You can't miss the return on investment, and you can't miss the opportunity to achieve maximum success in your market. Your competition will be at the 2018 IDAExpo. So, for your own sake, you can't miss it! One You Cannot Miss! PRESIDENT'S COMMENTARY Continued from page 8

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