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SEP-OCT 2017

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By Jim McGrath, IDA Region 3 Director ASSOCIATIONNEWS NETWORKING via the INTERNET NETWORKING via the INTERNET experienced Tech logged in somewhere that will help a fellow member out. Consider some simple math. It is assumed there are about 19,000 independent door dealers across the United States. If the average employer has five Techs, then there are approximately 95,000 technicians in the USA. Our industry needs to continue to come together and make it better. IDA and IDEA are a part of the path to help us achieve this goal. GDT promotes and supports IDA as well as the educational benefits of IDEA. Our IDA membership is a drop in the bucket compared to the size of our industry, and this needs to change. It's amazing the number of GDT participants who have no idea what IDA is and the benefits it offers our industry. You would further be amazed by the technicians from other countries who wish they could reap the benefits of having IDEA certification. GDT encourages them to join IDA as a beginning step and some even want to become IDEA certified. I have heard that some articles in this magazine do not provide enough detailed technical information. IDA is exploring ways to address this matter; one being the addition of a blog feature to its' on line magazine. While this is being implemented, being a participant of the GDT group will help provide answers to some members in the field. Our world is changing and so is our industry. We are all striving to work smarter, not harder. There are good people out there willing to help and guide our Techs. Heck, this group would even be great for retirees who want to stay connected; they are still needed and we all want them to share their knowledge. I assume the GDT will grow once this article is read as currently there are just under 2,000 participants in the group. We respect each other and badger no one individual or manufacturer. GDT is policed by administrators who are there to make our industry better. Check them out if you get the chance. And, if you are not an IDA member, I sincerely encourage you to join…I'd love to be your sponsor! Thirty years ago when I started in this industry, if you had a problem, you had to figure it out yourself. Once and awhile you had a friend that worked at another door company, but you would never want to admit you didn't know the answer. C ontinuing on over the past 30 years I have seen a lot of changes; one of the biggest being this thing called social media. People use it to rank your company and to find your company. Numerous dealers are using it to help find customers. One more positive attribute from this social media phenomenon is our techs are using it to network. Although there are several different groups doing this, the Facebook group, GARAGE DOOR TECHS (GDT), is the one I found that has people who want to learn and make the industry better. GDT was created by Ronnie Vinson (Ronbo) on October 17, 2015. Ronnie always wanted to see how techs from around the world differed from his own experience. He got on the internet and searched groups that resembled garage door techs. When he couldn't find what he was looking for, he created his own. Ronnie works for IDA member Magic City Door of Birmingham, Alabama. He is proud of his skill level and experience, and equally proud to share his knowledge with others. Certified by the IDEA as a commercial and residential door systems technician, Ron loves the industry and is not only qualified to do this job; he is very good at it. Ron isn't the only qualified Tech in the group as there are numerous others from all over the USA. Many Board members from IDA and IDEA are part of the group. Couple this experience with the sharing techs from throughout the US makes GDT one of the best Facebook pages out there. Younger techs get advice from the old guys resulting in mentoring at its best. Not everyone agrees all the time, but good and respectful communication is the norm. Some Techs ask questions and seek advice the day before a difficult job is to go. Others ask while on the job. There is always an 74 International Door & Operator Industry™

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