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JUL-AUG 2018

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20 International Door & Operator Industry™ ASSOCIATIONNEWS International Door & Operator Industry™ 20 My first Expo was in May, 1992 while I was employed with Napoleon-Lynx. Back then it was produced by DODA. Until 1992, I was passed up on attending the Expo and knew very little about it. When I was finally invited it was because Lynx was introducing a new residential door operator that I personally fostered for a year. It was during this Expo I discovered how much work goes into building and setting up a booth. Lynx had a spread that covered a 40'X40' floor space and it was quite a task to prepare it for the attendees. Today, I don't care how much work has to go into it, I am always eager to attend the annual event. The IDAExpo ® means something different to each person. I could list 100 reasons to attend, but I know some who still think it is an inconvenience and of no value. Everyone has their own opinion, but not to attend the IDAExpo can be costly because one misses out on valuable programs tailored to help them grow their businesses. Every year, the International Door Association produces the tremendously valuable exposition. This is one of the few times garage door manufacturers publicly exhibit their new innovations and updated products, and meet with door dealers from throughout the globe. There is never a shortage of those who want to exhibit at the industry event. Even though the 2018 show just ended, I am already excited about the next one in 2019. Personally, it means education time because I am usually included in a training workshop, and it is also a good time to mingle with other industry professionals. There is always something to talk about when at the Expo, but without a doubt attending exhibits is an important focus and why many attend. As for me, I'm not happy unless I am there from the opening session to the final closing of the exhibit hall. I thought the 2017 IDAExpo in Atlanta would never be topped, but it was definitely exceeded this year in Las Vegas. When it comes to the IDAExpo, I admit that I'm biased. Simply put, I love attending and count down the days until the next one. I wish everyone could share my enthusiasm. To me, I see Expo as a huge benefit that is available at little cost. The workshops alone are enough reason to go. These highly sought after seminars are prepared by the IDEA board members and staff. IDEA board members devote hours and days of long preparation into ensuring there will be a great line up of speakers and attractive events. The next time you purchase your attendance package, remember Expo is more than floor exhibits. You should take advantage of everything you can while attending. After all it is designed for your benefit and to help you grow your business. Who wouldn't want that? Next year in Indianapolis, on March 13-16, there will be what I am calling The Super Expo. The event is being marketing as "The Power of Three." It is an appropriate theme, and will certainly not disappoint! See you there! The Wonderful Garage Door Trade Show by Roy Bardowell

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