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26 International Door & Operator Industryâ„¢ MANAGEMENT Zoller Consulting Inc. (ZCI) delivered its biennial forecast of Garage Door Industry Economic Conditions to the IDA EXPO in Las Vegas on Thursday April 26, 2018. If you were in the audience, we appreciate your being there and hope this overview is a useful refresher. If you were unable to attend, this article provides a summary of the salient points. What is Shaping the Future of the Garage Door Industry? There are four major forces influencing the garage door industry now and into the future. Each is a generalized set of conditions, but each has a pronounced impact on the economic well-being of all of the industry's participants The general economic strength of the U.S. in what is a remarkably healthy Global Economy in 2018, and promises to continue being so. Ten years after what was a very damaging recession, we continue in a prolonged expansion with U.S. unemployment below 4.0%, and expanding economic, technology and construction opportunities. There is growing demand for better, more functional living and working space. Everything from smart operators to warehouses better adapted to on-line shopping augur for more and better garage doors Very few building components offer the same high level of adaptability that garage doors & operators provide in fitting structures to business strategies and houses to lifestyles. Construction activity, both new and retrofit, continues to expand. For every $100 million increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), By: The Staff of Zoller Consulting 2025 2025 T H E Z C I F O R E C A S T The Garage Door Industry to

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