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58 International Door & Operator Industry™ International Door & Operator Industry™ 58 By Melissa Whitacre, YPN Advisory Council ENJOYS AND CONTRIBUTES TO The YPN also hosted the YPN-Go at IDAExpo as well as a Happy Hour at the I-bar. The YPN-go was a fun activity similar to BINGO, and we gave away quite a few prizes to the winners. However, as with any first year activity, we learned that there are things we need to change and modify for next year in Indy. We unfortunately had to move the Happy Hour due to a scheduling conflict with other activities, so it was held on Friday night which sadly caused many people to miss out. We didn't conduct an YPN Tour this year and heard from many that they missed it. We will be looking into bringing it back next year. In closing, the YPN needs your input for next year! Please visit and take a quick survey. Let us know what you would like to see. This survey is open to ALL readers of the International Door & Operator Industry magazine. Take a few minutes and let us know what you think and help us with planning YPN events for the 2019 IDAExpo! ASSOCIATIONNEWS 2018 What another great IDAExpo! Getting to see so many friendly faces and friends from years prior, as well as meeting so many new people is always a memorable and enlightening experience. This year the YPN felt we had an excellent turnout in Las Vegas. We had a great time with each other and met new people. However, as with any and all groups it's now time to sit back and evaluate. Shaun Hall was an excellent speaker and I know he taught me more about myself than I thought I knew. As a millennial, (which I have avoided calling myself for MANY years) it was interesting to have him give us a perspective into understanding all generations. Learning that HOW we think is based on not only our upbringing, but on WHAT is going on around us such as: our reactions to wars, depressions, inflation, and internet. These things influence how we think, act, and plan. Shaun Hall's insight and studies gave way to discussions and questions that the YPN feels we need to bring more attention. The YPN Round Table was received well by all. The YPN was expecting that this would be a continuation of Shaun Hall's discussion on the age diverse work force, but it took on a life of its own. This was an opportunity for all who attended to discuss their daily lives, issues and listen to other ideas. There was discussion between the different generations and the opportunity to learn from all. Sadly, there was so much discussed I can't remember one particular story, but I do know that during the session, there was laughing, discussing, and a lot of "Ah Ha" moments (the"Ah ha" moments were audible by the way).

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