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JUL-AUG 2018

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By Andrew Stergiou Continued on page 62 ASSOCIATIONNEWS Auto accidents are among the door industry's most overlooked cause of workers' compensation claims. Here's how you protect yourself. A fall from atop a ladder. Equipment mishaps. Injuries sustained during installation. Dangerous as these scenarios may be, one of the largest and most frequent culprits is sitting right in your parking lot or garage. Auto accidents are among the leading causes of worker injuries in the door industry. Despite this reality, many employers overlook the huge impact automobiles have on workers' compensation claims. How can you lower the odds of an auto accident running into your business? Here are five ways to protect your employees when they're on the move. Hire Smart Make sure only the most qualified people get behind the wheel by conducting background checks, pulling driving records, and documenting the hiring process, including applications, interviews, and reference checks. In addition to cutting down the likelihood of a claim, evidence that you took every possible step to hire smart could strengthen your case if a suit is filed against you. Go Back to Drivers' Ed Do you remember everything you learned in drivers' education? Chances are your employees don't either, so it's your responsibility to train them. Implementing a driver training program not only teaches good techniques but also provides a forum for discussing exposures such as traffic management, distracted driving, and confrontational road situations. Make Safety a Habit Staying safe in all facets of the job is an ongoing process, and driving is no different. Start by having regular communications about safety and encourage your team to offer their insights. Ongoing discussions bring safety out of the shadows and into the light of day and showcase just how important safety is to your company. Bring in the Pros An insurance professional who specializes in the door industry and knows what you're up against can help you assess how driving risks fit distinctly into your business model. This will help ensure you have the most extensive workers' compensation coverage possible and you're prepared for whatever outcome awaits on the road ahead. Put it in Writing No safe driving initiative is complete without a thorough and extensive written policy. It provides clear expectations 60 International Door & Operator Industryâ„¢

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