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SEP-OCT 2018

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The salesman's saying goes like this, "It's HARD to find a new customer, but it's easy to lose one." Why is that you ask? It's simple – door dealers are always on the lookout for a better deal, which can make life easier for industry vendors and their sales force. On the other hand, you must understand that your hard work could be undone anytime by another competitor, so YOU must keep close attention to your accounts. By Roy Bardowell CDDC SALES&MARKETING 18 International Door & Operator Industry™ Continued on page 20 If you want to be a great industry salesperson, you must know how to plan travel and be willing to travel. As an industry sales person, you can expect pressure from the top to increase sales all the time; meaning all industry salesmen must always be working on increasing their customer base. Your entire day could involve making phone calls and setting appointments, then you have to go to these appointments. In this article, I will be using terms like suspect, prospect, and account. A suspect is any potential future customer who needs coaxing or luring to come on board. A prospect is a customer who is highly expected to purchase your product very soon. An account is someone who is currently purchasing your product. To be a successful salesperson in our industry, you will have to make many connections and contacts, plus you have to build solid relationships with your accounts. This means you have to build a culture where your customer enjoys calling you to place an order. My two late friends, George Manaras and Bob Schram, both spilled over with charm and charisma and both knew you had to treat customers like royalty. This included respect and kindness. A free dinner with drinks is customary and works pretty well with most. Starting out in sales, you may get lucky and handed a bunch of existing accounts to look after. Other times, you may be given a virgin territory you have to develop on your own. Some people are not comfortable with making phone calls and so this is why sales is not for everyone. If you

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