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SEP-OCT 2018

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IDA members have exposure to numerous savings opportunities through our Member Services savings plan. Our Directors work to find substantial discounts on numerous products and services we all need and use, both personally and professionally. Your Directors are continually working to find ways to improve your business's daily operations by vetting companies who seek to solicit you! How many calls do you get each week by companies trying to provide credit card merchant services? "Did you know you qualify for special discounts…" Are you sick of hearing that cold-call? Well, we have spent a lot of time sorting through the mud to find the merchant services company TSIS really does provide those oft-promised but seldom delivered discounts. Our Directors have also sorted through many companies who try to sell you insurance services. How many of you right now have been paying for years for insurance that excludes residential coverage? Did you even think to ask about verifying that coverage? Our Directors have sifted through many insurance carriers to find an outstanding carrier in AmTrust. AmTrust is very well versed in what our industry's insurance needs are. They will educate you about your needs, you won't need to teach them. How about your digital advertising program? Do you feel your representative has a clue about our industry? Do they operate in an ethical manner? We endorse Market Hardware. Our Directors have worked with them for years and through our longstanding relationship, they often are one of our more popular presenters at IDAExpo. We have negotiated with them for favorable rates with ethical practices. These are only a few of the things that your Board of Directors continue to work on. As an elected member of the Board, you will travel to attend our four annual Board meetings, including IDAExpo. These meetings are held throughout North America. Your travel costs are paid for, your hotel and food expenses are covered and sometimes Directors will bring spouses along for a mini-vacation. Often, life-long personal relationships are built in the Board room! While we do promote personal relationships between Directors and their families, only the Director's expenses are covered, as fiscal responsibility is paramount for every Director. Our new management team Kellen has an extensive network of meeting and hotel relationships that provide the highest level of discounts for every meeting we attend. Our Director budget meetings are extremely important to ensure we spend the minimal amount of money to successfully attract quality leadership and produce effective meetings. While volunteerism is not for everyone, is it for you? Do you want to give back to this amazing industry? Can you get a task and complete it without constant supervision? Do you have an idea on improvements you'd like to see made for the door business? Are you interested in contributing to our mission statement: "The mission of the International Door Association is to enhance awareness, professionalism, safety and success of the door and access systems industry..."? Like the old posters used to read: WE NEED YOU! I will provide you with additional information on what life is like as a Board Member. How much time do you need to commit? Do we really have a special handshake? Send me an email and I will get back to you with your answers. We are now putting together our ballot for our next election. Do you know someone who should be nominated? Could YOU be on it? Contact me for your nominations. ASSOCIATIONNEWS Why Serve as an IDA Director? To Make a Difference! Continued from page 30 36 International Door & Operator Industry™

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