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SEP-OCT 2018

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MEMBERSHIP Continued from page 44 Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana Honors Technicians at Annual SuperTech Breakfast Any time, any day, people see white trucks emblazoned with the logo of Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana navigating the Region's streets. They are filled with the company's elite technicians, who travel all around the county fixing or installing something we forget about until they are making us late for work – garage doors. On Friday, Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana honored those dedicated technicians with its annual SuperTech day. Hosted at the recently opened Cafe Stelios in Merrillville, Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana owner and operator Jim Cameron bought his technicians all the breakfast they could eat. The crew appreciated the chance to relax, talk and have their hours of hard work recognized by a thankful boss. For Cameron, fostering a company as close as family is key to both a happy workforce and happy customers. In between bites of pancakes, eggs and bacon, the team told stories about their recent jobs and legendary encounters. From garages turned chicken-coops, to African wildlife, the techs see it all. The nature of their work means the techs are often spread all across the Region, so the chance to sit down and relay those stories put a smile on their faces. As a family-owned business going strong for over 30 years, Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana recognizes the importance of work-life balance. Giving its staff a chance to breathe and spend time with family is just as important as providing exceptional customer service, and the two go hand-in-hand. "It's a great experience every day," Jimmy Cameron said. "We work hard, but they make sure we have fun and can take vacations and other time off. Jim's such a great guy, he's always there for you and you know he has your back." Door 28's Technicians celebrating at Top Golf in Roseville, CA. Our technicians were treated to breakfast at Four Sisters Café in Roseville, CA., then to many rounds of golf at Top Golfand finished the day by receiving an eight-hour paycheck. Both Top Golf and Four Sisters are customers of Door 28, Inc. Continued on page 49 46 International Door & Operator Industry™

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