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SALES&MARKETING Alain Parcan, Director of Marketing for Market Hardware, Inc., contributed this article. Alain brings nearly 10 years of experience in educating businesses so they can market themselves more effectively. Market Hardware helps small businesses compete on the Web and offers special discounts for IDA members. You can Reach Alain's team at 888-381-6925. By Alain Parcan, Director of Marketing for Market Hardware, Inc. Seasons change and so should your marketing messages. When it comes to highlighting new services or seasonal offerings to an online audience, messages should inform, educate and deliver news in a detailed and impactful way. The biggest challenge - and the one many businesses often struggle with - is getting the message out to audiences in a timely and effective manner. To solve that challenge, here are three simple and useful strategies to best market new services and offerings to your audience: 1. Announce seasonal topics on your website. First and foremost, your website is the central hub of all your online marketing efforts, which means this should be the first place to announce new services or seasonal offerings. If your business decides to add a new service or advertise a seasonal promotion, add a small paragraph on your home page mentioning the offer. Just be sure to remove or update it once it's no longer relevant so your website won't seem outdated. You can also take it a step further by adding a call to action. If you're expecting snow or an extreme cold spell this upcoming winter, a call to action on the home page can make it easy for someone to find your emergency repair or broken spring replacement services. It may require a designer to add a call to action tool to the website, but it pays off if you're eager to promote a certain service. 2. Send out an email newsletter. Email newsletters can be sent out to huge lists at one time, for only a small investment. Email is a perfect opportunity to tell your customers about new service offerings and remind them about your specialties. And while we recommend keeping your email newsletter 90 percent educational, that last 10 percent is a great opportunity to include a promotion that recipients can claim during their next service call or appointment. A small, goodwill offer is a great way to show customers you value their business and sending it out through an email newsletter will ensure all of your clients and prospects will be able to take advantage of it. As long as the bulk of your email newsletter is educational, customers will appreciate receiving a small offer from time to time. Of course, be sure to reuse your newsletter content on any social media pages in order to get more bang for your buck. 3. Set up a targeted ad campaign (the RIGHT way). In the past, traditional Pay-Per-Click ads on Google were a great source of new customers. Today, this method is increasingly competitive, to the point where it is typically too expensive for many businesses. Setting up a display ad campaign is much more affordable, and can also target people searching for your services, or even just web users who have previously visited your website. If you'd like to get the word out about new services and offers, consider setting up a display ad campaign. On average, web display ads only cost about 1 cent every time your ad is seen and can result in great long-term exposure at a reasonable cost – with effective results, too! As an IDA member, you are familiar with the constant ebbs and flows businesses encounter. This includes new services, expanded product offerings and more. It's important to evolve as a business, but it's even more important that your audience is in the loop about that evolution. Incorporate these strategies to ensure your message is delivered in a timely and appropriate manner. 3 STRATEGIES for Using Your Website to Promote Seasonal Offerings 44 International Door & Operator Industry™

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