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NOV-DEC 2018

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PRODUCTNEWS Sacramento Data Center Gets Custom Elevating Dock Industrial Door Company (IDC), a local commercial door business since 1985, just installed a new elevating dock at Prime Data Center, which is located in McClellan Park. Prime Data Center is part of the Sacramento Data Center Campus, a 38-acre data substation that sits within the 3,000-acre business park. The company's custom dock was manufactured by Pioneer, a leader in high- quality industrial dock equipment. Swinerton Builders, based out of San Francisco, was the contractor that handled the job. IDC was involved due to its many previous successful door and dock installations across Northern California with Swinerton. IDC worked with Swinerton on the design, placement and installation of the large dock, which required the use of a horizontal crane to hoist it into place. The installation was particularly precise and difficult due to having to perform the installation from the exterior of the building, as well as to the dock's custom design and where it was placed at Prime Data Center's warehouse. Learn more about commercial docks and doors at See more about Pioneer docks at AquaSurTech Offers Door Manufacturers a Truly Innovative Coating System Workforce concerns, environmental issues and the drive for ever-more-durable finishes – now the finishing-process experts at AquaSurTech OEM have developed an integrated approach that offers door manufacturers and prefinishing shops new peace of mind. The AquaSurTech door system features uniquely tough, ultra-low-VOC coating formulations, backed up by precision- engineered surface preparation and application technologies, all designed with the door industry in mind. • Proprietary D100 waterborne coating. American Architectural Manufacturers Association-tested and environmentally friendly, they incorporate outstanding levels of hardness, flexibility, heat reflectance and color retention. • Every square millimeter of the surface must be carefully prepped. Our FlamePro automated plasma cleaner replaces conventional chemical washing and sanding steps with economical production-line automation. • LH1100 door-coating machine can coat a composite, fiberglass or steel unit flawlessly in less than four minutes. For more information, visit 84 International Door & Operator Industry™

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