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PRESIDENT'S COMMENTARY By Ed Hermanns, President, International Door Association time is here! I can't believe it's that time again already–our industry's main event! And this year, it includes an extra bonus: our first co-location with AFA and NOMMA, which will include expanded floor space for exhibitors and extended educational opportunities. IDAExpo ® Chair Jim McGrath is exceptionally excited for the 2019 event, promising attendees will not be disappointed! "Expo will now offer everyone additional opportunities – not only for education and an expanded show floor, but social activities as well." Jim has been working hard, along with everyone on the Expo Committee. I would like to thank them all for the time spent and dedication made in ensuring a successful event. While I've never been disappointed with any Expo, I'm particularly looking forward to finally seeing this co-location come to fruition. This is a new opportunity for IDA members and I'm excited to see what we will all take away from this experience. Now with that said, the pressure is really on! In non-Expo-related news, California is top of mind for many right now, as the state takes on a whole new role within the industry. In this issue, you'll read from past director Chuck Colton, from On Trac Door Company of California, about how this new law is affecting his state and his involvement with Bill 969. Recently, the leadership of IDA and DASMA met to discuss issues facing both associations and the industry as a whole: "Bad Bobs." While I hate to actually use that term, for better or worse, it seems to have taken on its own identity. This is an issue affecting everyone within our industry and the lack of national laws – along with the leniency of state laws – has allowed these illegitimate organizations to pop up and change names as quickly as it takes for the sun to rise and set. The goal for these dishonest organizations is simple: attack the market, steal as much as they can and if someone catches on, change names and addresses. As those of us with legitimate businesses know, it's hard work to build from the ground up and to develop a positive reputation over time. While industry reputation is not an easy issue to tackle, IDA and DASMA plan to become more aggressive about this topic in 2019. The dealership network can help in many ways, including downloading the video from the IDA Industry Reputation page of our website – which explains how to recognize these illegitimate companies – and sharing it on your company website. Another way is to spend more time promoting your company, not just the products you offer. It's important to list – and discuss! – your IDA and/or IDEA credentials, along with your Better Business Bureau rating. This type of proactive promotion ultimately helps your company shine and effectively promote our industry in a positive way. Speaking of positivity, I hope to see your smiling faces at our expanded Expo in 2019. I always invite feedback, so feel free to stop and chat with me at the event. One final thank you goes to Jim McGrath and the Expo Committee for all of their hard work! See you at Expo, Ed Hermanns 8 International Door & Operator Industry™

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