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Director Spotlight Name: Tim Matthews Title: Manager, Residential National Accounts, IDA Treasurer Company: Wayne Dalton/Genie/Overhead Door Corporation Location: Lewisville, TX What initially brought you to the door industry? I have been in the door industry since 1982. I had worked in the construction industry throughout college and was recruited into the door industry right after graduation by Pat DeWeese. Soon after that, I actually married into the DeWeese family (talk about two significant life events in a short period of time!). Pat is still my brother-in-law and has since retired to Charleston, South Carolina, after 45 years in the industry. Throughout my career, I have covered a variety of positions, including architectural sales, commercial national accounts, dock equipment, dealer sales and residential national accounts. And I'm still in this industry after 36 years, responsible for national accounts with all out brands. Why have you stayed in the industry? During the early days of my career, I asked myself several times if there was a better industry for me and found myself straying into another construction product in the late 80s. But I soon found myself drawn back in the door industry. The things that make this industry so different is also what makes it so interesting. Everyone likes to think their respective industry is unique, but I hear time and again from those who have come into and stayed or come into and soon retreated from our industry: "I thought I knew the construction industry, but I can attest I did not know the door industry!" Do you try to bring others into the industry? If so, how? Over the years, I have either recruited others into the industry in general or recruited them from other companies and into ours. Many of those I have recruited are still active within the industry, while others have moved on to work at other industry manufacturers. I don't have any kids in the industry – they chose to go into the medical field and one is still attending engineering school at Purdue (a possible recruit?) – but my bride of 35+ years has also been an active participant at industry events. Many of the dealers and their spouses know my wife Bev and remember her bubbly personality! What is your favorite memory from working within the industry? The IDA Expo is always one of my favorite times each year. It's a great time to catch up with customers and friends who I don't have a chance to work with on a regular basis. It represents a chance to learn about new products, practices and ideas around the globe. I'm especially excited for the 2019 IDA expo Indianapolis, as the board is shifting to a more prevalent focus on member services benefits. These benefits range from discounts on products and services such as website development and maintenance, as well as business management tools that help you benchmark your business. During the Expo last year, we had a room specifically for the vendors of these services and plan on continuing this in 2019. What IDA-negotiated Member Services do you use? Our Member Services offerings are extremely beneficial, but surprisingly, are not well-utilized by all members. IDA really is the only dealer association representing all aspects of the door industry and by comparison, has a lot of the best benefits, including: the annual Expo, IDA Magazine, website articles, IDEA educational training/certification and an industry heritage that is now 98 years and running! I've found the best way to share this information is during my weekly sales calls, as I'm always on the lookout for dealers who could benefit from a membership. One specific example was when a dealer unexpectedly lost the family member who ran the door business, which threw this dealer into the business without any knowledge of industry metrics (sales per truck, margins, sales commission structure). In that case, the 'Dealer Fit' tool – which is part of Member Services – was worth the price of membership alone. Are you an IDEA accredited company? No, but I am proud to have become a Certified Door Dealer Consultant (CDDC). I think this certification shows you have a commitment to and well-rounded understanding of the industry. In my current position handling national accounts, it can be tough because the end users are great, price- sensitive negotiators. But as a CDDC, I feel comfortable and confident when meeting and working with top executives from many of the leading builders in the business. REGARDING DIRECTOR RECRUITING: Why did you run for your position on the Board? I ran for the position of industry director three times before I was finally elected in 2014. I had many objectives when running, with the most important being that because board members represent the leaders in this industry, it is important for them to work on projects together, in order to hear different industry thoughts and opinions about a subject. What did you think about your very first Board meeting? I will admit, my first board meeting was both overwhelming and intimidating. Many of those who I met were industry icons and there were so many initiatives going on that I had no idea were happening! But our quarterly and working meetings provided me with enough opportunities to share my thoughts and opinions. The IDA mentoring program, which brings each director up to speed in a short period of time, was also very helpful. My mentor was Bill Wahler, who had been active in IDA since the DODA days. By the second board meeting, I felt fully engrained and accepted. 14 International Door & Operator Industry™

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