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JAN-FEB 2019

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By your estimation, how much time do you spend working on IDA Board Member responsibilities? During my first year as director, my activities required about three days per quarter, which included preparation time and travel to from the board meetings. As treasurer, I spend an additional two hours per month on IDA duties, which includes conference calls and preparation time. What Committees do you serve? I took responsibility of Treasurer for the association in 2015 and was re-elected in 2017. I will be handing this responsibility off to Colleen Mooney in 2019. In fact, one of my proudest IDA moments was when I was initially nominated and elected treasurer. What made this special was that several of those on the executive committee - such as Bob Hammersley, Randy Oliver and Bill Gibson - were behind me on this appointment. These are all industry icons who I have known and respected for many years, so having their support was a real vote of confidence. In addition to treasurer, I currently serve on the communication committee (Magazine-Website), Technology- Education (IDEA-Code Development) and Heritage- Nominating committees. The goal of all committees is to create the best value for our members. While we don't have unlimited funds, I feel the board goes above and beyond to deliver many industry applicable benefits. Each year, the directors are given the opportunity to select the areas that are of the most interest, then the IDA President divides the opportunities up as needed. What are your goals as a board member? My goal has always been to give back to the industry that has provided me and my family with a nice living for the past 36 years. As I find myself a few years away from the end of my career in this industry, I can attest that the impact made while serving on the board is something I will be proud of for the rest of my career and beyond. If you feel the time is right for you to join the IDA leadership team, my advice is to step up and help lead the association directly impacting our industry. And to that I say, welcome to a great team! Director Spotlight 1 KSMX WPS-1 D-2-3 Buy the best commercial and residential controls direct from the manufacturer VEE INDUSTRIES, INC. Custom Controls Available CALL 800-327-3332 Since 1969 our goal has been excellent customer service with personal attention to your order 2 BXL 3 BXL 7G4 PBS 3 MANUFACTURED IN BOYNTON BEACH, FL Email: Exhibitor

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