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18 International Door & Operator Industry™ MANAGING DIRECTOR'S CORNER Planning for Growth IDA is in full preparation mode for the IDAExpo ® ; we are sure you will be pleased with the results of hundreds of hours of work by your IDA staff and the dedicated volunteers - led by IDAExpo Committee and chair Jim McGrath of Doors Galore in Clayton, Ohio - who have worked tirelessly to bring you a world-class event. Planning this year's IDAExpo has included new challenges, given the co-location with METALFab and FENCETECH. Successfully executing the event is possible only because of the extraordinary planning, which was the foundation of the process. I am sure as you read the rest of this edition of ID&OI, you will get a sense of the fruits of our labor of love. Just as planning for the IDAExpo is tremendously important to ensure a successful event, planning for the ongoing operation of IDA is a critical necessity. To that point, the IDA Board of Directors recently wrapped up a strategic planning exercise to tackle the mission, vision and strategic direction for IDA. In the October edition of ID&OI, IDA President Ed Hermanns, from Merchantville Overhead Door in Camden, New Jersey, highlighted his vision for three points of growth for IDA: International membership, greater presence of domestic (U.S. and Canadian) door dealers and expanded programs and benefits for IDA members. The Board conducted a two-day strategic planning meeting in January to capture ideas about the future success of IDA and to turn those ideas into specific goals and strategies. Those strategies provide us with an action plan to conduct IDA's day-to-day business activities and manage IDA projects and programs. Strategic planning is an important part of managing the efforts of coalitions and associations, especially when the membership includes different parts of an industry. For IDA, with manufacturers and other vendors seated at the leadership table, along with installing dealers, having a well-thought- out strategic plan isn't an option; it's mandatory. The IDA Immediate Past-President Randy Oliver of Hollywood-Crawford Door in San Antonio, Texas, had the responsibility to work with IDA leadership and staff on planning January's meeting. As Chair of IDA's Strategic Planning Committee, Randy was integral to ensuring the success of the exercise. Strategic planning is an ongoing process that allows the IDA leadership to step back from the status quo and look at how to best position the association for future growth and set priorities for the board and staff. Best practice for strategic planning generally includes bringing in a facilitator who serves as an independent party, providing direction on the planning process and keeping the discussions focused. The process for the facilitator included preparing for the actual IDA strategic planning sessions by conducting telephone interviews and email surveys of the IDA leadership. With the information gathered during this process, the facilitator was able to kick off the discussions with a snapshot of the beliefs, concerns and ideas of individual IDA leaders. Setting the table at the beginning of the meeting provided a baseline for fruitful discussions. The first part of the strategic planning meeting included a look at the IDA mission and vision to ensure they remained relevant and accurately reflected the Board's beliefs. The next part of the process was spent developing a "SWOT" analysis, which identified the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the association and the industry. As you can imagine, a lot of the discussion centered on growth, industry reputation and the benefits of IDA membership. The core of the meeting was a focus on specific goals for IDA, and the detailed strategies that will help us reach those goals. With a refreshed strategic plan, IDA can refocus our efforts and set priorities to give our members the best association possible. The IDA strategic plan is not cast in stone; it is intended to be a living document that will allow for nimble responses to changes in the marketplace and in the association while maintaining IDA's core values. We will share more details about the IDA strategic plan in future ID&OI editions. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to IDA leadership with any questions or comments about IDA's process. Strategic planning can benefit individual companies as well as associations; if you would like to learn more about strategic planning, let us know. Mike Fischer is the interim managing director of the IDA. Fischer has been in the building products industry for 35 years. You can contact Mike at "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." – Benjamin Franklin

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