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ASSOCIATIONNEWS During recent IDA and DASMA meetings, the number one issue discussed was the topic of Industry Reputation. It was decided by both parties that the continued growth of garage door scamming companies – which insist on making false claims, taking advantage of people and practice unscrupulous business models - must be dealt with head on. In an effort to combat this issue, IDA and DASMA have created the Task Force on Industry Reputation to keep this campaign moving forward. As president of IDA, I am excited to know this program is another step forward in our efforts to help protect the good name our industry has developed and deserves. I ask everyone to please help us protect and preserve our reputation. This is an issue we must deal with together and it will not go away unless we hit it head on. Thank you. - Ed Hermanns 50 International Door & Operator Industry™ On Oct. 24, the Task Force on Industry Reputation - a joint DASMA-IDA project - launched a new service to help warn consumers when garage door repair scammers are known to be active in a given area. The Scammer Reporting Service urges door dealers, industry members and consumers to notify the Task Force when scammers are known to be operating in their areas. After a scam has been reported and verified, the Task Force will send a press release to media in the affected area, warning consumers to avoid the scam. Collecting evidence To verify the scam, the Task Force seeks evidence that will usually be found in any of three forms: 1. An invoice that reveals inappropriate services or fees 2. An advertisement (e.g., online or print) that contains false, deceptive, or misleading information 3. (A link to) a news story that has recently exposed scammer practices in a given market verifying the scam, the Task Force will issue an official press release from IDA and DASMA. The press release will not identify any specific companies, but it will warn consumers to beware of certain predatory practices. Bearge Miller, who chairs the Task Force, urges all dealers and manufacturers to watch for disreputable practices and help warn the public. "By working together, we can help to protect unsuspecting customers from having a bad experience with our industry," he said. Consumer Alert videos The Scammer Reporting Service is the latest effort by the Task Force to help preserve the industry's good reputation. In 2017, the group launched four free "Consumer Alert" videos that dealers and manufacturers can use on their websites and in social media. The videos are available at the IDEA website at www.dooreducation. com/videos and on YouTube. Each video is about three minutes long, and they all identify telltale signs of scammer operations. Miller recommends that dealers post one video every week to their social media sites. "These videos give you quality programming to add to your site and sets you apart as a caring company that protects its customers," Miller said. If you have an idea for the Task Force to consider, send an email to Guest Column by Tom Wadsworth, editor Door + Access Systems Newsmagazine Intro by IDA President Ed Hermanns DASMA and IDA launch Scammer Reporting Service WARNING THE PUBLIC: To notify the Task Force of a scam in your area, send evidence to POST THIS VIDEO: Four Consumer Alert videos are freely available at

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