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ASSOCIATIONNEWS How long have you been in the door industry? I was originally brought into the industry when a client hired my previous marketing and consulting firm back in the mid-2000s. The client had two locations in California and after the initial interview, I was excited to learn more about the door industry so the firm took him on as a client. Seven years later, I started my own garage door company. How did you get started in the door industry? It's a unique story, to say the least. The client who hired my previous marketing firm – Larry – literally called me every day. Over time, our (very) frequent conversations quickly formed into a friendship. We talked to one another about our lives and when I found out he was battling cancer (which he beat!), we would pray together over the phone. Needless to say, we grew close! During this whole time, I took a position at a promising startup in Atlanta. Over the next six years, I focused all my attention on that company. Larry and I stayed in touch. The tech company grew quickly and we were soon acquired by a publicly traded company. After the acquirement, I wanted to shift into a completely different industry. I was tired of sitting in board rooms all day on conference calls. I mentioned this desire for change to Larry during one of our calls and a light-bulb came on for us both. I flew out to California and Larry trained me on garage doors. I came back to Georgia and launched what is now Aaron Overhead Doors Atlanta. That's the short version. The longer version includes all the backlash I got by my wife when I told her the idea of starting a garage door company – especially when she knew I couldn't fix anything around our own house! What advice do you have for technicians contemplating becoming certified? In my opinion, it's a no-brainer. My training with Larry was great but it wasn't until after I went through the certification process that I was confident I was doing it right. Too often in this industry, we rely on information passed down from others without realizing there may be newer or better ways to do things when delivering the best product possible. My recommendation: get the certification! How has your certification benefited your company? The certification has certainly helped to build my confidence, which in turn creates more sales. In the marketing world, that's called validation. Customers want to feel confident in who they hire and if you're certified, those customers can feel confident in you. Continued on page 70 Our Certified Spotlight comes from Buford, Georgia. Ryan Lucia is an IDEA Certified Residential and Commercial Sectional Technician and owner of Aaron Overhead Doors Atlanta. He's very active in the door industry and his community. 68 International Door & Operator Industry™

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