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JAN-FEB 2019

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What type of door do you enjoy working on and why? As a company owner, I'm not in the field very often anymore unless I'm doing sells on new doors or big projects. However, I have made it my mission in life to replace sagging wood doors. I hate everything about them - the way they look and how they always seem to be smiling at me. But in all seriousness, I always enjoy giving a facelift to a house with an old wood door. It completely transforms the home. Is there a specific install or service project you are most proud of and if so, why? My company was only a few months old when someone noticed a Facebook post I had made about garage doors. The company was growing and doing well. Then we sold five custom wood doors and two high-end urethane injected steel doors – all for one house. It was frightening because I couldn't afford to get it wrong and wanted so badly to get everything right. I take a lot of pride in doing everything with excellence, so I probably went back to the house to measure things at least two times after the initial visit. The measurements were the same each time but I simply had to make sure! What is your favorite part about being a technician? When I was an active technician, I loved the interactions with my customers. When we walk into a garage, you are walking into someone's home, someone's life. As technicians, we have the opportunity to help someone during a possibly very disruptive part of their lives. As an example, I recently sold a door to a woman who had just lost both her husband and daughter within a short time span. It was obvious she needed someone to talk to so we both stood in her garage while she cried and told me stories about her daughter. Those are the moments I love most about being a technician/salesman – to know I have the opportunity to change a day with a simple smile or a listening ear. What is the best benefit, personally, for becoming certified? The best benefit has definitely been the confidence gained after completing certification. Has being certified led to opportunities in your career that otherwise wouldn't have happened? I believe certification is a definite 'pro' for the customer when weighing options between companies. As a business owner, I believe it is ultimately helped us to close more deals. What is a trade "secret" you wish you have learned earlier? At the start of my career, because I was never trained on section replacements, I broke the entire door down in order to replace sections. I was pretty quick at it, but it wasn't until about eight months in that I realized there were more efficient ways to get the job done. ASSOCIATIONNEWS Continued from page 68 Need help with your door business? Post a job or find a job in less than 5 minutes! The Apple Group has 40 years of garage door industry experience. Our business coaching and consulting services are specifically for door dealers. • Business Consulting • Profit Management • Online Training • Employee Recruiting • Succession Planning No long term commitments or retainers, just use our service as you need it. Your initial 30 minute consultation is FREE. Call or click. 239.494.3505 | The new connects door dealers with job seekers to fill installation, sales or management positions. FREE registration and resume posting! THE APPLE GROUP, LLC 239.494.3505 The Garage Door Industry's Leading Consulting & Training Firm

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