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LegaL&LegisLation (continued from page 10) avoid the pretense of a phone presence altogether. Others even go so far as to skip offering a shipping destination, but instead ask the dealer to run the credit card, and offering to pick up the doors. FCC reports regarding this version of the scam state that the scammer doesn't care about buying anything, but simply wants confrmation of the usefulness and credit limit of the stolen credit cards. The most obvious sign of a scammer is when the purported buyer doesn't care about particular brands, designs, or functionality. Other red fags include an inability to meet or communicate by phone, a desire to use only credit cards, requests for international shipments, and requests that the dealer forward cash either directly or through some sort of third party. The easiest way to avoid getting taken in by e-mail scams is to simply ignore them. If a member has any question about the validity of an e-mail, forward the e-mail to IDA or to us to evaluate. Members can also seek help from the FCC, or from their state or local law enforcement offces, or the Better Business Bureau. Finally, there are a variety of online resources, including www., which track and report on scams. Thankfully, Jim Lett followed most of those tips when he got his e-mail. He didn't respond to the "Hello Owner/Sales manager" salutation, V o l u m e and he forwarded the e-mail to both IDA and me. Many attendees at my presentation at the recent IDAExpo were astute and experienced enough to have done the same. But the fact that these e-mails keep getting sent is a sign that someone, somewhere, keeps responding and getting scammed. As such, when in doubt, check it out. Brian J. Schoolman is an attorney with Safran Law Offces in Raleigh. The practice includes construction litigation, commercial litigation, and appellate practice. For more information on how Safran Law Offces went less-paper, and for advice on implementing your own less-paper systems, please contact Joe Zoller at (919) 828-1396 x242, or by e-mail at 4 6 i s s u e 4 2 0 1 3 13

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