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JUL-AUG 2013

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DOORDEALERDIALOG (continued from page 21) customer has the opportunity to actually feel the product and acknowledge the difference, they appreciate quality even more," stated Eugene. Robin and I were impressed with not only the neatness and cleanliness of the company offce, warehouse and vehicles, but also the personnel. The installers made a very positive impression in their attractive, Dixie Door shirts. Eugene was quite adamant about making a good frst impression with customers. "When your service technician/ installer arrives at a customer's home, the frst thing they notice is the cleanliness of the truck and personnel. Well trained installers with clean trucks and a clean appearance is a must. Also, friendly, knowledgeable offce staff is usually the frst voice for customers. Knowing the products and their options/upgrades is critically important," he asserted. Image is one of the selling points used to promote the company. Potential customers are informed that when they do business with Dixie Door the installer is: not a subcontractor, they won't fip cigarette butts in the lawn, they won't drip oil on the drive, they'll be in a nice truck, and when they leave, the garage will be cleaner than when he arrived. Customers are called prior to each install or service call and informed when the installer or technician will be arriving and provided his name. When I brought up the subject of humor in the door business, both Ken and Eugene agreed that a good lesson they could share is that when one's customer says, "That dog doesn't bite, don't believe it". The two then went on to share how they had experienced unwanted canine aggression. The company utilizes a wide array of advertising media to reach potential customers. "By far our best advertisement is word of mouth from friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers," stated Eugene. "We receive a lot of business from stickers, our showroom, website, dealer links and co-ops, television commercials, truck and business signs, and social media," he added. In regards to social media, Eugene stated, "It is huge, we couldn't survive without it because it is the only way those in our market who are thirty and under shop for doors and other products." The company has an 22 22 International Door & Operator Industry™ International Door & Operator Industry™ Continued on page 25

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