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JUL-AUG 2013

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GeT More froM roll-up door SaleS: lIke anoTher 2 SaleS. Roll-up doors from TMI, LLC are the ultimate all-in-one. Once installed, your customers can convert from a Screen-Pro roll-up screen to a Vinyl-Pro roll-up door to a Bird-Pro roll-up barrier with easy-to-change modular panels. One door is really equal to three; it's a quick and simple way to diversify your line. GIve your CuSToMerS perforManCe WIThouT The hIGh-Speed CoST. The NEW Series 6000 operates at 36" per second for a fraction of the cost of a high-speed door. Give your customers more speed without losing your margin. Visit or call 1.800.888.9750 and mention code IDO-6000 for a special introductory offer. Call TMI, llC Today for a free QuoTe: 1.800.888.9750 MAnAGeMEnT (continued from page 30) the average value per garage door installed has increased substantially (of course, a lot of that factor has to do with far fewer low priced doors being installed in new houses). Opportunities for aftermarket servicing have expanded: In the 13 year period from 2000 through 2012, 55.4 million sectional and rolling garage doors have been installed. Planning for the Long-Term Construction activity is always subject to unpredictable infuences and, there are many economists who continue to foresee a bleak future for the U.S. economy (pessimism based 32 heavily on growing income inequality, excessive unemployment and the cost of debt). Never the less, American business success has always focused on opportunity rather than fear, and recent developments reinforce that fact. The garage door industry has weathered the recession, and is poised to expand as construction spending accelerates. All signs point to continuing, but modest economic growth, particularly if business decision makers focus on long-term stability rather than exploitation of short-term events. It is important to develop business plans with fve-year windows to capitalize on evolving opportunities, not just current conditions. International Door & Operator Industryâ„¢ John E. Zoller and David H. Bowen comprise Zoller Consulting, Inc. of Wooster, Ohio. Zoller Consulting provides consultation of managerial effectiveness and fnancial performance of construction related businesses. They also offer customized seminars and training sessions. In addition, Zoller Consulting provides acquisition management, including fnding buyers or sellers, locating funding sources, transaction structuring, and negotiating and organizing the transition to new ownership. Contact Zoller Consulting, Inc. at 330.262.8500 or

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