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NOV-DEC 2015

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company's website is, due to not getting the best advice on constructing a highly effective website - one that puts a face on the company and adds a human touch. This allows the customer to start the relationship with the people who are going to take care of their garage door needs. My standard practice, when evaluating a client's site, is to go to the "About Us" page frst. Back in the day all we had was a yellow page ad that served as a static advertising source for customers to learn of and about us. With any luck the ad would be compelling enough to get them to phone us and afford us the opportunity to tell our story. Today we can "tell" our story through an interactive medium using words, pictures and even video. It's all there when the customer lands on your website and surfs to your "About Us" page. You can tell your story 24/7, and the best part of all…. at the customer's convenience. So why would you neglect to take advantage of this powerful online tool? Maybe you overlooked it when your site was constructed. Or maybe you did not want to appear to be too boastful about how terrifc your company is. Whatever the reason, I would urge you to rethink this and consider using your "About Us" page as the portal that begins the people part of the relationship, moving them from online shopper to loyal customer. If you attended our seminar at Expo 2015 in Indianapolis, you may remember we showcased three of my garage door dealer buddies that do an excellent job with injecting a personal touch with their customers through their websites. Jim Lett, owner of ABE Doors & Windows in Allentown, PA ( and also past president of IDA, has done a great job of adding his personal bio to their company (about us) page. Through his many accomplishments, the customer is given the sense of professionalism and stability about ABE. James Potts and Randy Burriss of Overhead Door of Charlotte ( have produced an upscale video on their home page that immediately grabs the website visitor and provides their personal introduction to their company, how it does business, the products and services they offer and why a customer should choose them…..all in less than 3 minutes! My good friend and fellow Floridian, George Ebel, owner of Action Automatic Door in Ft Myers, Florida (actiondoor. com) has designed his web page to not only bring him out from behind the curtain but to literally embed him into the homepage of the site. When you go to Action's home page you can click on a miniature George and he'll personally tell you about their company, their "talking door" and what Action can do for you. It's cleverly done and invites the customer to play. Most importantly it adds a bit of humor to what can be a rather dry subject matter. If you feel the need to make your website more personal, these are three great sites to review. Your "About Us" page should give the right amount and type of information, and you shouldn't worry so much about giving too much away. It should answer the following questions: • Who are we? • Why should you choose us over someone else (WIIFM – What's In It For Me)? • What do we do? • When did we start? • How do we do it? 26 International Door & Operator Industry™ Continued on page 28 SALES&MARKETING (continued from page 25)

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