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NOV-DEC 2015

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Who are we? When you are speaking about who you are, it is a good idea to include photos of you and your key staff members as well as brief, biographical sketches as may be appropriate. The sketches should highlight background and industry experience. That information is of great comfort to someone who might be on the fence regarding whether to buy your products and/or services. If there are specifc industry credentials, like IDEA accreditation or technical certifcations, those should be highlighted as well. Consumers identify and trust credentials so if you have them, tell people about it. Tell them about your team so they can begin identifying your business with one that has what it takes to support them for the long haul. Why choose us? When faced with the concept of why someone should choose to work with you instead of choosing someone else, you need to build a case for what's in it for them (WIIFM). How wonderful you, your staff, and your products are is important, but you have to relate how those things help your customer. All your prospects are concerned about is what they will get out of a business relationship with you. They need to understand what you can do to help them solve their problems. What we do? The "About Us" page should have a description of your business, which answers the "What do we do?" question. Do not add your mission statement here. They're often too wordy and complicated and mostly feed the ego of whoever created them. I'd rather see a succinct statement in three sentences or less of the solutions you can provide me at my home, or place of business, rather than lots of bullet points and catchy phrases. How did we start? Another good thing to communicate is how you came to where you are now, particularly if you have a unique and compelling story to tell. So insert a brief (very brief) history about your company. Consumers love a good success story since nearly all people would rather do business with successful people. Perhaps show how your facility has grown over the years and include a couple of photos. If you did not start the company, here's where a nice tribute to its founder would be appropriate. The bottom line is this, your customers and prospects want to know you will be around when they need you. One way to help convince them is by giving them a glimpse of your history. How we do it? What is your unique selling proposition (USP)? Do you have a unique way of providing garage door service? If you have a same day service policy, let them know right up front. If you do not use subs, here's where you tell them. If SALES&MARKETING Continued on page 30 (continued from page 26) 28 International Door & Operator Industryâ„¢

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