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NOV-DEC 2015

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BIO: In our youth, we are often naïve to the implications of life surrounding us. Growing up surrounded by the world of garage doors had little impact on my understanding outside of fling and flling in around the offce. I spent my young adult life working in social work and education which kept me from understanding the magnitude of the industry and our family's involvement within. or our family's involvement within as I worked in social work and education. It wasn't until three years ago when a move to New Jersey and a welcome to the family business changed everything. When I saw the quality of our product marked with the words, "The Original: Since 1924", bells went off. When I recognized that my great- grandfather was more than a jovial man I never had the pleasure of knowing, I was inspired to understand more. When my sister, husband, and I became the fourth generation to the manufacturing group of Fimbel Architectural Door Specialties, it was apparent that we had a lot to learn about where we began. And when Great- Uncle Paul passed, I knew I missed the opportunity to fully understand a vital branch of our dynamic family tree. MANUFACTURERS'CORNER Continued on page 50 by Michaela Birdyshaw Thus brings us to this piece. I attribute much of this article to the knowledge and nostalgia of Paul's son, Michael Fimbel, my grandfather, Edward Fimbel Jr., and my dad, Edward Fimbel III, and I am beyond honored to have collaborated with them on its development. It is a pleasure to share our story – my family - with you. LEGACY… The word alone triggers emotions: endurance, determination, and quality. One such legacy is the story of the Fimbel Family and its manufacturing business which has roots deep with ambition, innovation, perseverance, and evolution. One individual in particular, Paul Niver Fimbel whose life came to a close in May of 2015 at the age of 101, deserves his story – his legacy of 75 years in the door industry – to be shared as we understand the incredible value his family had on the overhead door business. It is for this reason that a glimpse through the looking glass brings us to how it was pioneered, how it progressed, and how it will persevere with respect to the late Paul Fimbel. AN INDUSTRY LEGACY Four Generations of Fimbel Garage Doors Below, Center: Rob Fimbel, Paul, and Ed III V O L U M E 4 8 I S S U E 6 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 5 49

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