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NOV-DEC 2015

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PROGRESSION "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." – John Quincy Adams 1960's As the Government focused on its people in the 1960's, we watched in horror as JFK was assassinated, saw the hysteria of the Cold War, witnessed the start of the war in Vietnam, and applauded as Civil Rights became a common topic. Life and times were shifting. At this time the Fimbel Family's second generation had clearly laid its claim in the legacy line. The industry domination of wood garage doors was starting to change. Steel, fberglass, and aluminum doors began to take their roles in commercial and industrial applications. Though times and styles were changing, Paul continued to hold true to his roots and continued to manufacture quality wood doors in the Nashua, New Hampshire factory. In 1967 Edward Sr. parted ways with Overhead Door Company and incorporated under the name of Fimbel Door Corporation. 1970's The 1970's brought gasoline shortages, the 55 MPH speed limit, and the import of Japanese automobiles. The door industry was changing as well for insulated steel garage doors began to further encroach on wood and fberglass doors. Wood garage doors were still going strong for the consumers in New England who valued classic tradition; however the rest of the territory required change, so Paul stuck to tradition, and Edward Jr. began to manufacture steel, aluminum, and fberglass doors in the Whitehouse, NJ factory. Though Edward Sr. still ran the business, his sons covered the needs of the customers by managing production of two drastically different lines. While many other companies were fading out to acquisitions after the frst generation lost its steam, the Fimbel Family was going strong into its third generation. On any given day at either factory, the third generation was running around or hard at work alongside the other employees. Paul was bringing his sons, Michael and Carl, into his solid branch of the tree after their years of watching Paul's devotion. And Edward Jr. was priming his son, Ed III, for his position in the company working summers as a child and upon graduation from college. 1980's As Reagan and Reaganomics of this decade emerged there was solidarity among people and a hope to strengthen the economy. Despite high unemployment, there was a joy found within the Pop-Culture and progress attributed to this decade. Steel Raised Panel doors emerged in place of wood as rollformers and hydraulic presses became the preferred approach to manufacturing. The building industry was stable and continued to grow which meant more and more companies wanted a piece of the garage door industry. At this time Paul and Edward Jr. both were challenged with suppliers who were once exclusive and were now selling to virtually any company who would make a deal. The demand for products forced the two brothers to fght to keep their separate lines strong as they had not yet ventured in to the steel raised panel door and to maintain their distributors with satisfactory lead times and quality; however, their desire and determination were unfappable, and they continued to prevail. Though many customers began to shop elsewhere, the family was committed to their roots and wanted to follow out the vision of Edward Fimbel Sr. who passed away in June of 1984. It was this loss that inspired them to stick to their time tested methods and visions. 1990's The 1990's and beyond brought us a world in constant turmoil and evolution. Fimbel Door Corp. (FDC) also saw the time come for change to occur. It was in the latter part of the 90's that Paul decided to hand the reigns to his sons for the Paul Fimbel Paul Fimbel & Ed Sr. PERSEVERANCE – "The goal isn't to live forever; the goal is to create something that will." - Chuck Palahniuk Continued on page 56 MANUFACTURERS'CORNER (continued from page 53) 54 International Door & Operator Industry™

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