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New Hampshire division of FDC. He had devoted 75 years to the industry he loved so much and knew it was time to pass it along. His son Michael was performing Sales, Service and doing the Engineering for the company while Carl was managing the offce– together with their father, they kept the business on an even keel. With the decline of wood doors, it was a blessing when the factory in Nashua, NH was fnally acquired by the state due by eminent domain. This move allowed Paul and his sons to start Fimbel Paunet – a sales and distribution company that would keep the name alive while meeting the needs of change. In Whitehouse, NJ, Edward Jr. and Edward III were working diligently to continue to manufacture a full line of products including the unique, high- end products many customers required. To manufacture both standard and custom product became very diffcult, and the time came to address the need for change. Much of that change was to become the responsibility of the third generation to take the lead and fnd ways to keep the Family name and vision alive in the garage door industry, while the second generation managed the fnancial end of the endeavor. PERSEVERANCE "The goal isn't to live forever; the goal is to create something that will." - Chuck Palahniuk 2000's As the world spun from the many lingering wars, there were other thoughts of the looming Y2K, the World Wide Web, environmental change, mergers and acquisitions, and an economic boom, the residential garage door industry was undergoing its own drastic shift. The wood door and the stamped steel doors still held sway, but there was a desire for more innovative yet classic design features. From both a manufacturing and retail standpoint, change was necessary. At this time, Fimbel Door Corp. sold many of its straight line production assets to Amarr through a complex and skilled negotiation by Edward III. Edward III then set up the two remaining Fimbel Factories to manufacture custom and carriage style doors under the name Fimbel Architectural Door Specialties (FADS) to concentrate on innovative technologies and the use of composite materials. This step alone kept the vision to manufacture Fimbel doors alive. Now run by Ed III's children, Fimbel Architectural Door Specialties continues the manufacturing vision held more than 90 years ago by Edward Fimbel Sr. His great-granddaughter, Erin Fimbel Heindrichs, is the fourth "E. Fimbel" to sit in the time-honored seat as President of a Fimbel owned garage door manufacturing company. Ed III's daughter and son-in-law as a husband and wife team, Chris and Michaela Birdyshaw both share titles as Vice President of Sales and Operations respectively. Together with Jeffry Deal, Vice President of Engineering, who has been with FADS since its inception, they are proudly moving forward to continued success in hopes of a ffth generation. Edward Jr., President and Treasurer of FDC, after 70 years of service can still be found at the desk he has used in his offce since 1967 in Whitehouse, NJ across the street from his son and grandchildren's manufacturing efforts. Paul's family continues to grow in his family tree. His son Michael is semi-retired but continues to perform installations with his son and remains a director of FDC. Paul's other son, Carl, and his family currently run Fimbel Paunet Garage Doors Sales and Installations in Merrimack, New Hampshire. Up until the last few years, Paul lived a long, healthy life. Beyond his involvement in the door industry, he participated in various civic organizations, enjoyed hiking, curling, fshing, skiing, and gardening, and was active in the church. During the years he touched many lives in and out of his beloved industry. He was serious, well-disciplined, and devoted but also had a dry sense of humor that endeared him to many. Both of Paul's sons have committed to excellence under the family name. Paul also is survived by his daughter Nancie, step-daughter Debbe, and many grandchildren. As Paul Fimbel's 101 years of life have come to a close and we celebrate him and the impact that he and his family had the industry, we can see how it was pioneered, how it progressed, and how it will persevere to honor his legacy and that of his father whose vision it was to see this take place. FUTURE The Fimbel Family, Fimbel Door Corp., and now Fimbel Architectural Door Specialties, has manufactured garage doors for more than nine decades likely making it the oldest manufacturer of sectional overhead doors still owned and operated by the founding family in North America and quite possibly the world. After celebrating 90 years of Fimbel Family Doors, FADS's recent release of their Legacy Series refects the raised panel design as a tribute to the Family's rich history. This series will incorporate not only the look of a traditional door but the quality and innovation of their other high end, quality products. This line marks a tribute to Edward Sr. and Paul who have passed while celebrating Edward Jr.'s ongoing life. Paul's passing represents the end of a life well lived, but it also represents the true defnition of Legacy. Fimbel Men: Standing: Carl Fimbel & Ed Jr. Sitting: Paul Fimbel & Ed Sr. MANUFACTURERS'CORNER (continued from page 54) 56 International Door & Operator Industry™

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