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NOV-DEC 2015

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64 International Door & Operator Industry™ • General Liability, automobile, and workers' compensation written with AmTrust – An ad - mitted A XI rated Company by AM Best • $0 deductible on general lia- Advantages of the IDAssurance Program Consider a bonus system which rewards productivity, safety, etc. The bonus should be available to be earned by all employees and should be substantial enough to provide an incentive and to impact the salaries of the employees the business wants to keep. o Examine the process being used to bring new employees on board. There is always stress for an employee associated with starting a new job. This stress is a distraction, which may lead to increased losses. Reduce the stress by starting with a lighter workload and gradually increasing the workload over time, start with easier jobs, pair new employees with mentors who demonstrate a positive work attitude and are "fun" to work with. o Create a work environment where there is a sense of belonging to a team and employees and their families identify with the company. Consider: Company tee shirts, hats, etc. Company social events. Company sponsored charitable events. • Generally it is not the medical cost related to an injury that is the higher expense; it is the compensation for the time away from work that impacts the bottom line the most. Having a return to work program and modifed or light duty work will help to reduce the time away from work and the costs associated with that. I am sure that many of you reading this are saying that we don't have any light duty positions. Look carefully at your operation: Are there jobs which while not essential, have not been done and would be benefcial if they were completed – completing an inventory of materials and parts, completing vehicle maintenance records, following up on potential job leads, etc? Getting an employee back into a work environment will help to speed up the recovery process and ultimately reduce claims costs (which, remember will live with you for four years in your premium as a result of the EMF). • Are Monday losses always a result of accidents which really occurred over the weekend? No, Mondays often, depending on the work schedule, are a day where employees have to transition from the weekend mode to the work mode. It takes some time to mentally get focused and that time is when there is a greater potential for loss. Help employees make that transition safely – start the week with a short 5 – 10 minute meeting talking about objectives for the week ahead and spend a few minutes talking about job safety. There are some cases where an employee does get hurt during the weekend and says that it occurred on the job. This is unfortunate and unlawful. The more you establish an open, hands-on relationship with employees, the more that information about weekend activities will come out and the less likely that Monday morning weekend accidents will occur. Managing risk and preventing losses will beneft your company, not just by controlling insurance costs, but also through improved productivity, and better customer relations. Creating a safety culture on the job is an achievable goal. Make it a reality in your business. (continued from page 63) ASSOCIATIONNEWS If you want additional information about the advantages of the IDAssurance Program or have general insurance ques- tions, please contact Andrew Stergiou at 212-603-0321 ( astergiou@alliant. com ). Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. is the consulting broker for the IDAssurance Program, and one of the largest and most experienced insurance and surety bond brokerage frms in the country. bility, workers' compensation and automobile (Except $1000/$1000 comp/collision deductible) on all policies • NO residential exclusion • Ability to receive certifcates of insurance within 3 hours of the request via email • Policies specifcally tailored for the IDA members • General liability per project with aggregate of $5,000,000 • Broad and comprehensive coverage • Completed Operations for Additional Insured • General liability, workers' compensation, and automobile liability waivers of subrogation (Blanket Waiver of Subrogation) • Primary and Non-contributory endorsement

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