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NOV-DEC 2015

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PRODUCTNEWS HARDWARE For More Information Call Our Customer Service Dept. TODAY! Toll Free: 1- 800-628-3667 Toll Free Fax: 1- 800-628-3295 "And Just About Anything Else You Can Imagine!" (Only 18 cases to order with your com- pany logo) Use your company logo and color! U s e y o u r PRIVATE LABEL LUBRICANT PROGRAM NATIONAL HANDWIPES DOOR VENTS CONTROLS FASTENERS "Lifting The Industry For Over 40 Years" Schweiss Doors Introduces New Strap Latch System Schwiess Doors has introduced what the company considers a major breakthrough in the bi-fold door industry with its new Automatic Strap Latch. The Automatic Strap Latch is a totally functional and simple strap latch system that provides an "all-strap" and "only-strap" bi-fold door. Innovators at Schweiss recognized that straps used for lifting could be designed to also be responsible for latching. The Automatic Strap Latch system eliminates the need for the frequent maintenance required for cable lift bi-fold doors, including fraying, breaking and overwrapping. The Automatic Strap Latch system opens quicker, is easier to adjust and is safer and quieter than cable lift doors because it is manufactured with 90 percent fewer parts. Straps secure the door in all positions: open, closed and anywhere in between, even in gusts of wind during operation. For more information, please visit Wayne Dalton, recently announced the latest addition to its industry-lead- ing Carriage House Steel Collection of garage doors, the Model 9405 Carriage House door. Homeowners now have another option to enhance the look of their home when upgrading or remodeling their garage door. The Carriage House Steel Collection features doors designed to showcase the look and feel of old- world charm with modern day materials. The Model 9405 Carriage House door comes with a painted, galvanized steel backer, increasing the strength of the door and preventing thermal cupping in extreme weather. For homeowners or builders looking to make an impact on a home's curb appeal, the Model 9405 Carriage House garage door will have expanded color options as well, including stained and two-toned paint fnishes. Part- nering the new design with a variety of window and decorative hardware options creates a custom look specifc to homeowners' tastes and styles. With the launch of the Model 9405, the Model 9400 will be retired. For more information, please visit Wayne Dalton Introduces New Option in The Carriage House Steel Collection

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