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The International Door Association, in an effort to reinforce the value of education, has established the IDA Scholarship Foundation (501C3). IDA members' immediate families, employees and their immediate families are eligible to receive monetary awards to be applied toward undergraudate studies with state approved certified universities, colleges, and trade schools. Contributions Are Tax Deductible! The IDA Scholarship Foundation IDA Scholarship Foundation Investor Program (For the period January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012) ❏ YES, I want to be an Investor in our industry's future.** IN HONOR ❏ Other Name:______________________________ Amount_______ ❏ Lloyd Moore, Edelen Door, St. Louis ❏ Rick Brown, husband of Rosy Brown, Rasco Ind, MN ❏ Richard Carter, father of Luckie Jennings, IN ❏ David B. Apple, Miller Edge, West Grove, PA ❏ Vince Perdue, friend of Greg & Judy Schults ❏ Van Hicks, friend of Greg & Judy Schults ❏ Victoria Silver, daughter of Eugene Silver, Dominion Door Sales, VA ❏ Bob Schram, Tru-Line, Archbold, OH ❏ Dorothy Fini, mother-in-law, Ted Billman ❏ Other Name:___________________________ Amount_______ MEMORIALS IN THE MAKING DEALERS (Door Dealer Firms) ❏ Champion Investor ❏ Patron Investor ❏ Support Investor $500 or more $300 to $499 $200 to $299 Actual amount contributed: $___________ (Manufacturers, Suppliers, Service Providers) INDUSTRY ❏ Champion Investor ❏ Patron Investor ❏ Support Investor Additional Contributors: Actual amount contributed: $___________ (Company Name listed for amounts less than $100) Your Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Company:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Province:___________________________________________________________________ Postal Code: ______________________ Country (other than U.S.): _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone: ( ______ ) ______________________________________________ Fax: ( ______ ) ________________________________________ E-mail Address: ______________________________________________________ ❏ IDA Member ❏ Non-Member of IDA Make checks payable to: IDA Scholarship Foundation. Mail to: IDA Headquarters, P.O. Box 246, West Milton, OH 45383-0246 or fax with credit card information to: 888-283-4512 (Toll Free) or 937-698-6153. Questions? Call 800-355-4432. **All contributors will appear in the International Door & Operator Industry magazine unless this form is checked. Anonymous ❏ Paid by: ❏ Check ❏ Cash ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ Name on Credit Card (please print) ___________________________________________ Credit Card Number _________________________Sec Code _______Exp. Date ______ Authorized Signature _______________________________________________________ ❏ I/My company will donate________ (amount) to be processed this year and each July after on above credit card from now, ___________ (year) through July __________(year). ❏ I/My company will donate_________ (amount) to be processed monthly on above credit card from now, _______ (month/year) through _____________ (month/year). Thank You for Your Support! ❏ Penni G. Arave, The Doorman Service Co. ❏ Frank Billman & George R. Finni from CSDDA ❏ Joseph S. Chisholm, Founder, MA ❏ Mary Chisholm, mother of Joseph Chisholm, MA ❏ Carey Long, father of Chris Long, OH ❏ Howard Craig, father of Roe Long-Wagner, OH ❏ Jim Giles, Door Services, MN, from IDA ❏ L.R. "Bud" Harris, NWDOA ❏ John Hoefling, NWDOA ❏ Dorothy Oliver, mother of Randy Oliver, TX ❏ Donna L. Stewart, mother of Garry Stewart, WA ❏ Marta Vali, mother of Ed Niit, MA ❏ Brad Vestal, Allied Doors Foundation, FL ❏ Chuck Wilson, NWDOA ❏ Evelyn Webb, mother-in-law of Chris Long, OH ❏ Tom Zoller, father of John Zoller ❏ George Lett, father of Jim Lett, NEDA ❏ Mel Strickland, NWDOA ❏ Phil West, NWDOA ❏ Floyd Phelps, Crawford Door Systems, NC ❏ Norman Miller, Miller Edge, West Grove, PA MEMORIALS Actual amount contributed: $___________ INDIVIDUALS $5,000 or more $2,500 to $4,999 $1,000 to $2,499 Actual amount contributed: $______________ ❏ Champion Investor ❏ Patron Investor ❏ Support Investor (IN HONOR and MEMORIALS are published at the $1000 level.) (A personal donation from an individual) $300 or more $200 to $299 $100 to $199 Actual amount contributed: $___________

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