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FAQ What was the average attendance of the Expo during the past three years Without sugar coating the response, the IDAExpo™ has drawn an average of 1,779 dealers to the past three events. This was accomplished during one of the most difficult market conditions experienced globally in history. These professional Door Dealers were ones who not only survived the soft market, but in many cases realized productive, profitable sales years. For those who exhibit, the IDAExpo™ provides an opportunity to meet face-to-face with these buyers…real buyers…buyers seeking new products and opportunities. Placing nearly 2,000 door dealers before you, especially during trying economic times, opens opportunities for both dealers and exhibitors. If one takes the space cost of a 10x10 exhibit, the IDAExpo™ presents these buyers at an investment on your part of about $1.00 per potential buyer. Of course there are other expenses involved, but the IDAExpo™ does make it possible to economically reach buyers of your products and services. At an IDAExpo™ you don't have to talk with 20 to 30 uninterested attendees until you finally visit with the right person. Virtually every attendee at an IDAExpo™ is a potential buyer. It is rare to find a trade show that attracts a narrowly focused vertical market. IDAExpo™ offers exhibitors direct exposure to a very specific, targeted market. All attendees are the people who buy, sell, install and service door products. Exhibiting at the IDAExpo™ puts your company in front of qualified Door Dealers. As the economy improves, and the event is enhanced, it, too, will grow as it attracts more and more potential buyers. What does the IDA do to provide Return On Investment for exhibitors? Beginning in 2012, the IDA began a movement to grow the educational aspect of the IDAExpo™. Added to the program was an extensive session directed to door technicians. This program will be expanded additionally in Nashville during the 2013 event. Door technicians are important to exhibitors because these professionals are the ones who install and service the products. Their opinion regarding products of all types is extremely influential with the owners and managers of Door Dealer businesses. The more techs participate in the IDAExpo™, the more value is provided to exhibitors. In addition, the IDA introduced a new product video service in 2012 that will be improved in 2013. Exhibitors with new products and services will again be offered the opportunity to have a 2-3 minute info-video produced on the floor of the exhibit hall. The video is featured following the IDAExpo™ on the IDA website making the IDAExpo™ have a life after the exhibit hall floor is closed and everyone departs. The service is free…just another value add- ed, ROI enhancement made possible by IDA. Have you experienced such a complimentary service with any other trade show? Probably not. Has the IDA considered conducting the event every other year as some European shows do? In 2011, the IDA conducted an independent survey that was administered by Industry Insights, Dublin, Ohio. The survey did include comments from some manufacturers that the event should not be an annual event. However, from the Dealer feedback, the need for an annual IDAExpo™ was quite evident. Many dealers attend the IDAExpo™ every other year, and don't wish to travel across the United States. Although it is the goal of IDA to grow attendance each and every year, it has been decided that it will alternate east and west of the Mississippi in order to maximize the potential for growth and to meet the demands of the Door Dealer. Exhibitor companies are encouraged to support the annual show, but the IDA under- stands that it might not be practical or possible for all companies to do so. Exhibitors will need to make their own decisions as to the frequency and degree of participation they will have. That stated, it is important to note that Dealers attend the IDAExpo™ to see, touch, talk and buy. Those exhibitors who decide to skip a show will definitely experience lost sales opportunities. VOLUME 45 ISSUE 5 2012 11

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