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SEP-OCT 2012

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GridScan/LR Industrial gates GridScan/LR safeguards even the largest industrial gates up to 260 ft wide. Sliding gates GridScan/LR housing is rated IP67 and therefore ideal for outdoor applications such as sliding gates. Going to great lengths <>=>L @kb]L\Zg(EK bl Z LBE + lZ_^mr eb`am \nkmZbg ]^lb`g^] mh lZ_^`nZk] ma^ eZk`^lm bg]nlmkbZe ]hhkl Zg] `Zm^l' K^lblmZgm Z`Zbglm kZbg Zg] lghp Zg] pbma Z kZg`^ h_ ni mh +/) _m% ma^ @kb]L\Zg(EK h__^kl bg\k^]b[e^ ikhm^\mbhg _hk ^gmkZg\^l mh Zbk\kZ_m aZg`Zkl Zg] eZk`^ pZk^ahnl^l' ?^Zmnkbg` Z l^fb\hg]n\mhk hnminm% bml ^e^f^gml kng ma^ ^gmbk^ e^g`ma h_ ma^ ^]`^ h__^kbg` ni mh 1'. _m bg ikhm^\mbhg a^b`am' CEDES Corporation of America 7107 Ohms Lane Minneapolis, MN 55439 (612) 424 8400

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