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SEP-OCT 2012

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SALES&MARKETING (continued from page 58) so that everyone can join in the celebration. This can be done very effectively via email or text. It does not have to be elaborate. A photo of the job, the sales person and a quick description of the success story. When reviewing your team's sales for the month, let everyone know who made their quota. Post new accounts landed by your sales person and a brief description of the hard work required to win it. Have impromptu celebration lunches for your sales group when they've hit the mark for the month. It may be something as simple as coffee and doughnuts for having a good week. r Reward Excellence - Consider giving your sales team members something permanent to commemorate their sales achieve- ments annually. Do this in front of your entire organization if possible. Whether it is a simple plaque or an emblematic gift, it's the recognition that's most important. One door dealer I know had a "Million Dollar Club." Each sales person that generated a million dollars of sales in a single year received a collegiate style gold ring with the company's logo and a black onyx stone. Each year thereafter that the person sold another million a small diamond stone was added. While this sounds really expensive in the whole scheme of things it was a bargain. Several sales people won this award numerous times and proudly sported these rings as a badge of honor. Rewards can also include weekend getaways, dinner at high end restaurants or even gift cards at local stores. Again, it's not the size of the reward, it's the timing and the sincerity behind it. And of course, let's not forget cash. Increases to compensation should be tied directly to performance for the year. Your best sales producers should be paid accordingly. Summary Pound for Pound the Best Fehr Bros. Industries Ph: 800-431-3095 Fx : 888-352-1790 See the full line of Garage Door Hardware on our B2B Webstore - Sign up Today 60 International Door & Operator Industryâ„¢ Coaching a sales team is a challenging and rewarding experi- ence. The great pro football coaches, Lombardi, Landry, Shula and others all had three common attributes observed by their players. They were fi rm, but fair, and extremely well respected. The main reason for the respect was simple. No matter how strict they were or how much they disciplined their teams, at the end of the day the players knew their coach cared about them as a person and a player. Consider managing your sales group by coaching them to success. Who knows, the result may be your company winning the annual door dealer SuperBowl....a record setting profi t for the year! Dan Apple is president of Apple-Marketing LLC, a consulting fi rm located in Richmond, Virginia and Bonita Springs, Florida. His focus is on garage door dealer profi tability and marketing. Dan served as president of Apple Door Systems in Richmond for 33 years which grew to a statewide dealership with eight locations. He was the fi rst president of the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation where he was responsible for creating the industry's fi rst national accreditation program in 1998. Dan also served as a director of the Door & Operator Dealers Association and the International Door Association from 1994-1998. For more information, contact him at 804 640-4253 or email: F r e p h r o B s . Quality without Compromise o d u c t r s a n r e t m t a e n u f i a h c t u h r t e d t o e g h s s a d a d s

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