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SEP-OCT 2012

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$PNF TFF UIF MBUFTU JO QSPEVDUT $JSDMF ZPVS DBMFOEBS 1MBDF UIF EBUF JO ZPVS 0VUMPPL 5JF B TUSJOH BSPVOE ZPVS ñ OHFS But, don't forget the dates of the IDAExpo™ 2013…May 8-11 at the fantastic Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville. A recent survey of dealers confi rms that dealers come to the Expo not only to be educated on door and business-related topics, but to see what is new in products and services. In addition, dealers benefi t signifi cantly from meeting with suppliers face-to-face. The following companies have committed to exhibit in Nashville. For those companies who haven't signed up, now's an excellent time to do so while there remains prime space. For complete information, go to: XXX *%"&YQP PSH. NEW WEBSITE! $POñ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í T &OUFSQSJTFT *OD (VBSEJBO "DDFTT %PPS )BSEXBSF )BBT %PPS )BOPWFS %PPS 4ZTUFNT )FMUPO 'MFYJGPSDF )PSNBOO --$ *%" *%&" International Door & Operator Industry™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