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SEP-OCT 2012

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Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation NEWS&EVENTS The Value of IDEA Credentials By Todd Thomas All too often, when people contact IDEA regarding Dealer Accreditation and Technician Certifi cation, the inquiries are specifi cally aimed at "HOW" the credentials can be earned, and what is the process that a candidate must complete. That is understandable, but it means that we don't spend enough time explaining "WHY" these programs hold value. In fact, let's start with TO WHOM the programs provide value. IDEA Accreditation and Certifi cation programs provide specifi c and tangible value to three primary groups: 1) the general public, 2) the industry and 3) the companies and individuals who earn them. This is especially true when the consumer is faced with the purpose of a product they know little about. Many homeowners have never purchased a new garage door for their home and are unlikely to know about safety features required under UL 325 that a professional dealer would include as a standard part of the installation. However, if the homeowner has no way of knowing the difference between a professional dealer and a guy with a truck who has to experience but wants to install garage doors, the product could become a hazard in the home. Overall quality of installation, expertise and the ability to assist the homeowner in the selection of a door that will provide maximum curb appeal are other reasons why the general public benefi ts from having the ability to recognize professionalism in our industry. The fi rst value-added benefi ciaries, the general public, are the reason why IDEA was created, in the broadest sense. IDEA was originally viewed as a means of helping the general public identify professionals when needing residential or commercial door and access systems products. As a largely unregulated and unlicensed industry, the barrier to entry into the door industry is low. While this is good for the individual entrepreneur who seeks to make his own way in the world, it's not always good for the consumer. 82 International Door & Operator Industryâ„¢ Conversely, this brings value to the industry. A manufacturer of a garage door or commercial door system can produce the perfect product, but it's only as good as the technician who installs it. The individual(s) who install the products are the ones who determine a customer's ultimate satisfaction with the dealer and the manufacturer's product. The better trained, tested and qualifi ed these individuals are, the more likely the products are to be properly and professionally installed. This reduces product liability exposure and eliminates or reduces costs associated with callbacks, warranty calls and other setbacks associated with unprofessional work. There is also demand for credentialed workers, primarily in the commercial construction industry. Warehouses, manufacturing facilities and other properties which are averse to risk and have high standards for service providers, seek certifi ed technicians in virtually all their maintenance, service and installation needs. A dealer selling to commercial Continued on page 84

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