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SEP-OCT 2012

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Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation NEWS&EVENTS prospects who can show that the company utilizes the services of technicians who have been certifi ed by an independent, third party credentialing organization endorsed by the two major industry associations, will get more new commercial accounts. Finally, the Accredited Dealer and the Certifi ed Technician are provided a valuable designation that can benefi t them in a variety of ways. For the dealer, it shows a commitment to excellence to customers and suppliers. Accredited Door Dealers are among the top 15 percent of IDA dealers, and the combination of credentialing and industry membership in IDA gives consumers an immediate and favorable impression when exploring unfamiliar options. To put it most simply, IDEA Accreditation enables dealers to sell more doors. Certifi ed technicians win for all of the reasons stated above. In the fi rst place, Accredited Dealers with Certifi ed Technicians are going to have more work, which keeps the technicians with a full workload. Certifi cation is a career enhancement tool, demonstrating to the company that an individual is not only capable of performing the manual tasks assigned to them, but also able to learn and understand industry issues, regulatory requirements and safety standards that go beyond what is typical of an installer trained in a less formal manner by an existing employee. One of the most common reasons dealers have given for not earning Accreditation or Certifi cation is that they don't believe the average customer knows about IDEA. Of course they don't. They are not in the door industry. But, they do know what credentials mean. Virtually any customer, whether residential or commercial, instantly knows that a credential means the holder had gone through some form of specialized training and been tested by an independent organization. Explaining those steps in more detail is an excellent way of enhancing a sales presentation or point of contact with a customer. So, call us for details on how to get started, now that you know the reasons why IDEA adds value to your business. You can also fi nd information on all of our programs, and register, by visiting FZW 6gdS9^See 5a^^WUf[a` 1.&'& +$'4).#55 #4#)' 114 '%6+105 4%#&+# #6%*'< #4#/+' x x x x x '#674'5 +0 1.&'& +$'4).#55 +('6+/' +/+6'& #44#06; gEITF 1#/ 0,'%6'& x 1.+& x 11& 10' '8'.'& +0&195 9+6* :%'26+10#..; 74#$.' #0& '06 '5+56#06 1.145g *+6'X ./10&X 4''0X 1.145 g #*1)#0;X #&+510 14 #5%#&' +0&19 4+&5 x *+6' #+06'& 6''. 05+&' -+05 1.;74'6*#0' 14' #*X #-X #0& #.076 #-X #0& #.076 .#6+07/ 14 4#55 #/+0) '8/#4/()T%1/ '8/#4u#)#2'/#+.T%1/ 84 46*74X ..+01+5 2'%+#.+<+0) +0 2'%+#.6; 1145 *10' FEKgIHGgFLFL #: FEKgIHGgGGFG International Door & Operator Industryâ„¢

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