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SEP-OCT 2012

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PRODUCTNEWS "Lifting The Industry For Over 40 Years" Carriage Door Frames, Trim & Hardware "And Just About Anything Else You Can Imagine!" ! 3 !RRCH 3HHORRTT0 ARCH TOP H 4OP E S s ! CH!RC 0 NE LONG PANEL New Tool Designed to Quickly and Safely Wind Torsion Springs SpringTurner announces the launch of two innovative new tools designed to wind residential or commercial torsion springs quickly and safely. They are both proudly made in the USA of solid interlocking reinforced steel and laser cut to 1/1000 of an inch. The gears are solid steel as well (no cast) and the 50 to 1 ratio allows for effortless spring winding with a 3/8" cordless drill. The tool is non-handed and winds springs in forward or reverse continuously and safely with three points of contact to the cone and shaft. If a cone or spring should break there are no fl ying parts or pieces to cause injury. This tool is 10 times faster and 100% safer than the old fashioned method of using winding bars. It will also eliminate wrist, arm, shoulder and back strains as well as spring related workers compensation claims. This breakthrough new design has patents pending and will revolutionize the way the industry winds torsion springs! For more information please visit 0ANELL s 3HORT 0ANEL3HORT 0AANEL s ( NG ( NDLLES +NSs + NERER "RACKE ,ONGON 0AN L 0AAN L s 3HORTHORT 0 NEL s (I (AA D SHORT PANEL NER"RACKETSs!RCH4OP&RAMESs , ESS s (ANDLES s+N CKENOCKERSs3TUDSS s #ORNER "RACKETS s ! CH 3 O ESs(ANDLESs +NOCKERS 3 D s # & E &RRAMES s ,O ELL s (I ERRS s 3T D ERS s 3TUDS s#O N ! CH CORNER BRACKETS INGE HINGES HANDLES KNOCKERS STUDS #ORNER "R N ANEL s3HORT E ES s (AND( ND ES !RCH4OP &RAMESs,ONG ANNG0ANEL 3HORTTORT0ANEL0ANELs(INGES + O K RS UDS s #ORNERR"#ORNER "RACK OP &RRAM S s ,ONNG (INGESI OP &RAMESOP &RAMES New Commercial Product Offering From C.H.I. Overhead Doors C.H.I. continues to make advancements to the Commercial product line. The new C.H.I. super-imposed rolling steel door is actually two doors sharing a single pair of head plates and wall angles. The door is designed for applications that require maximum security and an environmental barrier some of the time and allow air fl ow and security at other times. Some typical super-imposed doors are a service door and grille or an insulated door and a service door with a perforated curtain, which allows air fl ow and provides an insect barrier. A number of different door and grille combinations are possible. These super- imposed door designs are preferred in many commercial, industrial, defense, and food service applications. For more information please visit NER"RACKETSs!RCH4OP&RAMESs ,ON R"RA KEACK TS s ! CH 4O NG 0AN NELs ESs(ANDL S s #OOR s (ANDLESs+NO #ORNER "RACKETS &RAMESs,ON 0ANE E RNER"RACK S s 3TTU 4O OP OP&RRAM D ES s +NOCKERSERS s3TUDSDS CK TS s !RC s3H RTT 0ANELs (IN N CKEERSs 3 UD3TTUD !RCH 4OP & AMES s ,ONG 0AN LLs 3H RT 0 EL s (INGES s (AND ES ERS s 3TUDS s #ORN Toll Free: 1-800-628-3667 Toll Free Fax: 1-800-628-3295 VOLUME 45 ISSUE 5 2012 93 s(ANDLES s +NOC s #ORNER "RACKETS#ORNERER "RACKERACK CKETS s ! CH 4O 3 ORT0AAN- + OC For More Information Call Our Customer Service Dept. TODAY! CKETS OP OCK- KE UDS s #OR AMESs NG- O - OP 0ANEL s 3HORT 0ANELL s (IN (ANDLE ESs +NOC +NOCKERSs3TUDS #ORRNER"R C ETSS s !Rs !RCH 4O NEL s 3HOR s !RCH s 3HORT S s + " CK !RCH ( NGESs(ANDL S CH 4OP ORRT 0AN- +NOCK- OP "RACKETSETC ETS s NG 0ANEL s E s(AN L(ANDLEDANDLESs OCKE S s 3TUDS s# RNER"RACK- RCH 4OP RAMES s ,ONONG ,ONG O T 0 EL s ( NG S(INGEESS s OC KETSs s!R H4OP&R&RAMES 3HORT 0 RCH4OP& AMES s NG- OP OP&R 0ANEL + OC+NNOCK RS , G +NOCKERSKERSs3TUU3TUDS s#ORNE ETTS 0 L s s 3TUDSDS s #ORNER "RACK#ORNERR "RAC ACK- G (INGES(INGEGESS s R-

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