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NOV-DEC 2017

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Safety & Accessibility Working Together Automatic garage doors, commercial over- head doors, and pedestrian entry doors have become commonplace as features in today's residential and commercial building con- struction. Depending on the installation, they can provide convenience, enhance aesthetics, increase security, and improve accessibility. 48 International Door & Operator Industryâ„¢ Proper and compliant installation of these automated systems is key to helping ensure safe and reliable operation. As an architect or installer, you are faced with a myriad of requirements to understand and comply with. Customer requirements, model and local building codes, safety standards, manufacturer's instructions, insurers, licensing requirements, and federal and local laws all come into play. For residential and commercial garage doors, one question that has come up recently is "What is the proper height to mount the wall button that controls the door operator?" Let's first address residential garage door operators. For residential garage doors, the operator needs to comply with UL 325 safety requirements in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) ruling Federal Register 16CFR Part 1211, the International Building Code (IBC), the International Residential Code (IRC), and many state and local codes. Additionally, the operator shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. When it comes to the wall control, you will likely find the following in the instructions: " Locate the control button: (a) within sight of the door, (b) at a minimum height of 1.53 m (5ft) above floors, landings, steps or any other Mounting Location for Garage Door Controls ASSOCIATIONNEWS By Steve Kuscsik, Principal Engineer at UL LLC (continued on page 50)

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