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MANAGEMENT by John Zoller & David Bowen, Zoller Consulting, Inc. GARAGE DOOR ACTIVITY INDEX It is always instructive to compare current ongoing construction activity with the same period one year ago to gauge the scope and direction of change. The following chart compares total construction activity and selected categories at July 2017 with July 2016. The data is the Value of Construction Put-in-Place (VPIP) collected perpetually by the U.S. Census Bureau. VPIP is the final price of construction paid by the end-user (building owner), and includes new as well as retrofit activity, stated on an annualized basis. The value of land is excluded from the accounting. 54 International Door & Operator Industryâ„¢ Category: July 2017 July 2016 % Change GD Installation percent of VPIP Total Construction 1,211,508.0 1,189,799.0 1.82% Total Residential (inc retrofit) 523,089.0 470,203.0 11.25% 0.83% Private Nonresidential Buildings 298,498.0 314,455.0 -5.07% Commercial 79,314.0 73,698.0 7.62% 1.78% Health care 29,204.0 30,169.0 -3.20% 0.88% Educational 18,951.0 20,770.0 -8.76% 0.65% Manufacturing 65,584.0 77,841.0 -15.75% 1.10% All other 105,445.0 111,977.0 -5.83% 0.21% Private Nonresidential Heavy Engineering 129,496.0 135,942.0 -4.74% 0.06% Public Nonresidential Buildings 104,965.0 105,736.0 -0.73% 0.21% Public Nonresidential Heavy Engineering 155,460.0 163,463.0 -4.90% 0.04% Value of Construction Put in Place Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate U.S. Census Bureau - July 2017 $=millions Note: The value of GD Installation includes sectional, coiling, high-speed, sheet and selected specialty doors. It also implicitly includes operators installed with door systems, but excludes operators installed apart from the door (original or replacement). Aftermarket service is excluded. (continued on page 56)

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