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68 International Door & Operator Industry™ I first heard about the Young Professionals Network (YPN) a few years back when the IDA sent out an email call to action looking for the up and coming young professionals in the industry. I definitely have the passion for this industry's future, so I submitted my application. A few months later I received an email that IDA had narrowed down the applicants to be invited to San Diego to participate in the IDA Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) meeting and Operating Committee meetings. The IDA Board of Directors wanted a younger perspective on future planning. Once the small group to attend the meetings was chosen, we started communicating via email and phone. Most of them I had not met before, but a few I knew of because of mutual industry contacts or social media. Together, we developed some ideas to present to the Board. In San Diego, our YPN group gathered early in the morning to review our ideas before the SPC meeting. Most of us had never attended an IDA meeting before and had no idea what to expect, or what was expected of us. The association committee meetings start at 8 a.m. and run for two hours each. They are broken into committees (Executive, IDAExpo ® , Heritage and Nominating, Member Services, Membership and Affiliates, Technology and Education, IDA Scholarship Foundation, and Communications & Public Affairs). We each got to choose some meetings to attend. There are generally two meetings before lunch, and one longer one after lunch. Out of these meetings the loose framework of the YPN was born (formerly it was called the Future Leaders Network) – we officially renamed ourselves, and it was decided to establish an Advisory Council rather than a Board of Directors. Shortly after San Diego we elected Ranee Patel and Brenton Cheney as our co-chairs. Chairs and Advisory Council member serve two (2) year terms providing an opportunity for new YPN members to join the council. I'm frequently asked about how much time does it takes to be a member of the YPN. For the general membership, it's really as much or as little as you'd like. For example, we are always looking for enthusiastic people to help us with research projects, and submit articles of interest for upcoming newsletters. As a member of the Advisory Council, you will need to spend a bit more time. The Council meets via conference call several times per year, to discuss plans for the IDAExpo, as well as other ideas we are working on such as a mentorship program. The conference calls generally last an hour and are during the work day. For the last two years, we have been invited to attend the winter Strategic Planning Committee meeting to lend our advice. This requires a 3-4 day trip that is mostly subsidised by the IDA. We also meet during the IDAExpo discussing how to keep our sessions on track, and to address any other concerns. It is recommended that YPN Advisory Council members attend the IDAExpo. During this event, we rotate through the YPN Lounge in the IDA booth making sure one of us is there at all times. We wear our YPN shirts and promote the organization. We also volunteer our time to run our events, such as the welcome party and any tours, sessions or special events we produce. ASSOCIATIONNEWS By Colleen Mooney, Director Region 10, International Door Association and IDA Director... What a Fantastic Adventure This was the introduction of The Young Professionals in 2016 (continued on page 70)

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