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ASSOCIATIONNEWS (continued from page 68) 70 International Door & Operator Industry™ Serving on the Advisory Council gave me an opportunity to get to know the IDA Board. I risk sounding like a big nerd here, but I always wanted to be one of those faces you see in the International Door & Operator magazine, either in the Directors Section or writing an article. Spending three days getting to know the leadership and the inner workings of the IDA Board was amazing to me. I even volunteered to join an extra committee - the Industry Reputation Task Force. This allowed me to get to know the directors better, as well as get my foot in the door to help present one of the seminars at the IDAExpo. When the Canadian seat on the Board opened up last year, it was suggested that I run for the position. I filled out the questionnaire, passed the requirements, and was placed on the ballot. From there, it was all new to me – it was suggested I campaign – contacting the constituents in my area and letting them know why I was right for the position. I was provided an email list, and crafted a biography on myself and my experience that I sent to the voters of Region 10. One month after this, I received the news that I had been chosen as the Canadian representative. IDAExpo 2017 was my first official event as a Director and it was different than attending as a Young Professional Network member. However, the YPN experience gave me a solid foundation making it less of a shock. As a new director, I arrived on Monday, attended a New Director Orientation meeting and two board meetings on Tuesday, sending off the old board members and welcoming the new ones. That evening we enjoyed attending a Director Reception. On Wednesday, most of us ran and attended seminars, and had fun that evening attending the VIP reception. On Thursday, we attended more seminars and sessions, as well as the Affiliate lunch. That afternoon those involved in the awards banquet reported for rehearsal, and then all directors reported to the banquet early to help meet and greet. Friday morning we were up bright and early again for the Annual Meeting of Members and the Opening ceremony. From there, we reported to the show floor where we staffed the IDA booth in shifts promoting membership, and asking and responded to questions. I did double duty for YPN and IDA, and spent most of my day at the booth. Friday evening was the hugely successful hospitality party that all directors also attend. The Board of IDA is very involved and active. It meets four times per year: January/February, the IDAExpo, June, and once in the fall for 2-3 days each, with some committees conducting conference calls in between. The meetings consist primarily of committees coming together to work with each other on what they have spent the previous months planning. Now, that all sounds like a lot of work – and it is – but the rewards of being part of this group are huge. Being surrounded by a group of individuals who believe in the future of the door industry and love what they do has kept my motivation and creativity at an all time high. I have gained knowledge about new products that I otherwise would have overlooked because someone I trust recommended it. I have examined new ways to run my business because another board member has had a similar situation and has found a way to deal with it. My fellow board members are willing to share their processes and ideas with me because I'm not in their direct market area, so it's not a conflict of interest. I have a whole new network of contacts to call when I need help. As a fact, all of this was actually available to me as an IDA member – I just hadn't taken full advantage of my membership before joining the Board. I had expected to face some challenges being a young woman on the Board, but I have not. I have spent 16 years being asked "is there a man I can talk to about this?" or "Is your Dad around? This has absolutely not been my experience with the International Door Association. The IDA has taken great strides to ensure equal opportunities for women and men which is something I really admire. A few years back I threw out the idea of a "Woman of the Year award" and they explained that perhaps it would encourage separation, and suggest that a woman could not live up to a man's expectations thus needing a separate award. This was not something that aligned with their values. The Heritage and Nominating Committee has kept all the awards gender neutral. As a side note, being young , I did have to explain the difference between a blog and a message board, and how Facebook works. Serving on the YPN Advisory Council and the IDA Board of Directors continues to be one of my best experiences to date – both professional and personal. If you are passionate about the growth and future of the door industry, the best course of action is to get involved. I encourage you to begin your IDEA Dealer Accreditation process or write your Certified Dealer Consultant test. If you are a technician, get your certifications. Email your local YPN Council Member or IDA director in your region to touch base, share your ideas, and offer your help. The future of the IDA and our industry is up to you!

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