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NOV-DEC 2017

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74 International Door & Operator Industry™ If you want additional information about the advantages of the IDAssurance Program or have general insurance questions, please contact Andrew Stergiou at 212-603-0321 ( Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. is the consult- ing broker for the IDAssurance Program, is one of the largest and most experienced insurance and surety bond brokerage firms in the country. (continued from page 73) ASSOCIATIONNEWS CYBER SCENARIOS: WOULD YOU BE COVERED? • Your IT manager discovered that a file, which was not part of your website, was being used to steal payment and credit card information. • An investigation determined that an employee was stealing credit card information and processing fraudulent transactions, and that your business was not compliant with current industry security standards. • You experience a 48-hour systems failure during your busy season, resulting in an inability to process credit card sales, customer order cancelations, as well as disruptions in time-management, job tracking, supply ordering, and communications systems. If you have cyber insurance, these situations would be covered with minimal out-of-pocket expenses. AN IDA SOLUTION FOR A GLOBAL CONCERN Cybercrime is among the fastest-growing crimes in the world, with thousands of cyberattacks occurring each year. Today's interconnected technology means that your business is vulnerable to attack at any time of the day or night from criminals all over the world. Most attacks are not covered by standard property, crime, errors and omissions, or business insurance policies— hacking, identity theft, credit card fraud, and phone phishing are all crimes that traditional insurance policies do not address. Cyber insurance provides comprehensive coverage for a wide range of security issues threatening your business. Let us help you create a plan to mitigate the risk and protect your business. The professionals at IDAssurance understand the specific cyber risks facing IDA members and can help you create a defense against the growing threat of cyberattacks. IDAssurance is the endorsed insurance program of the International Door Association. Created by Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. designed to meet the insurance needs of dealers and installers, IDAssurance is the only program custom-built to address the unique risks of the garage door and access systems industry, opening the door to a wealth of benefits, including lower rates, broad coverage, and enhanced convenience. Because of the customized nature of the program and the strength of Alliant Americas, the majority of IDA members can save significantly on insurance costs while broadening their coverage upon switching to IDAssurance. Alliant is the nation's largest specialty insurance brokerage firm, providing risk management, insurance, and consulting services that safeguard the physical and financial health of thousands of clients throughout the U.S.

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