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JAN-FEB 2018

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PRESIDENT'S COMMENTARY By Ed Hermanns, President, International Door Association This seems like a simple question, and so there should be a simple answer. Interestingly enough, when I talk to people their answers seem to be different almost every time. Everyone gets a little something different from their experiences. Some just like to read the magazine, get some useful tips and that works for them. Others belong to get the discount coupons from various manufacturers when they renew. Many take advantage of the different cost savings programs that are offered. If a member takes advantage of all benefits offered by IDA, they are basically being paid to belong. What I'm talking about are those individuals who jump in with both feet and take it all in; these individuals receive the greatest benefit of all. What I'm referring to is as being the greatest benefits of all are the personal relationships that develop overtime, and the input one receives from these individuals who face the same business issues. It's amazing to hear people having a discussion about their issues, and I would swear they are talking about my organization. I know everyone has heard that statement before and I'm not breaking any new ground. Our business environments are challenging for sure, and the way we go about our day-to-day activities for the most part is the same. A simple version of our business goals is that we all want to employ quality employees, provide great products and in the end have happy customers and make a profit. How we go about achieving this is where the diversity comes in. This is where I have received my greatest benefit from being an IDA member and IDEA accredited dealer. In summary, this benefit is having positive relationships with other individuals in my industry who are performing the same tasks, but go about it in a different way. Having the opportunity to bounce ideas off others from across the country, and get feedback has been a tremendous asset. Sometimes it's not only what they are doing right, it's also what they have tried that didn't work. I definitely prefer learning from other people's mistakes rather than experiencing it myself. Been there, and done that too much. I don't need to go there again because it costs too much and takes too much time. The value anyone receives from their IDA membership is the result of what they are willing to put into it. The same holds true for your installers. If you're only willing to teach your technicians residential, you can't expect them to excel in commercial. An investment in time and training needs to be done in order for you to get your best return. My personal recommendation to all dealers is that if you want the best return, join those who have jumped in with both feet, experience everything from the magazine articles, to the money saving programs and most of all, the IDAExpo®. Why 8 International Door & Operator Industry™

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