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JAN-FEB 2018

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INDUSTRYNEWS Elevate Your Garage Door ID&OI Editor's Note: This promotional effort by Sherman-Williams focused on enhancing one's garage door caught my attention. Although some would prefer promoting the purchase of a new door, the very fact that this company draws attention to our industry's product is noteworthy. GREAT DOORS THINK ALIKE Your garage door and front door share similar responsibilities, they welcome you home. Why not give them a matching look by painting them the same color? It's a great way to bring unity to your exterior color scheme while adding curb appeal to your home. A garage door project is the perfect opportunity to repaint your front door, so you can welcome your guests to your home in style. FRAME IT WITH CONTRAST Your garage door doesn't always have to blend in. Instead, why not let it stand out! Framing a dark colored garage door with white trim adds visual interest to your exterior, creating a very clean and inviting look. STAND OUT WITH MONOCHROMATIC COLORS Add some intrigue to your garage door by using two different shades of the same color. A lighter or darker shade of your base color creates a monochromatic look that adds dimension to your garage door, while creating a soft contrast. LIGHT IT UP Every home has a unique look. Create cohesion between your home and garage by choosing a light fixture that matches that style. Modern homes look best with straight-lined and simple light fixtures to accentuate the natural material and texture of the home. Traditional styles look best with larger fixtures that have lots of curves and angles to match the classic architecture. Whatever your style, light fixtures offer the opportunity to spotlight your exterior décor. ACCESSORIZE YOUR PROJECT Sometimes the finishing touches to your painting project create the most impact. Add some extra character to your garage door by giving it a faux carriage look. Decorative garage door hardware is popular because it is inexpensive and creates added cohesion between your garage and the architecture of your home. Find hardware that suits your style and finish your project on a high note. 118 International Door & Operator Industry™

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