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JAN-FEB 2018

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17 V O L U M E 5 1 I S S U E 1 F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 8 17 During my 30 plus years as an IDA staffer, I've personally met with hundreds of door dealers. Each time I do, I discover more and more why our industry is such a meaningful one. In one word, I'd say caring. The vast majority of door dealers care about these three primary things: their customers, employees and community. As a result, they operate successful, profitable businesses. One could delve into many other key ingredients of business success, but for me, these three components comprise the core business purpose of the door dealers I call professionals. Plano Overhead Garage Door is most definitely a model of a company with these three ingredients as a significant part of their daily mission. It's interesting to note that our conversation began by me asking them about their primary concern for their business, and what IDA could do to better serve them. Their response was on the tip of their tongue before I even finished my inquiry…Ethical Business Practices. They suggested that licensing of garage door businesses could be a positive step for the industry to take to prevent Bad Bobs. They mentioned there are several companies within their service area that operate ethically, and that they are grateful for these quality- oriented competitors. Unfortunately, Bad Bobs are nothing new to their territory. As a matter of fact, Plano Overhead Garage Door was actually involved with a TV segment Dateline NBC produced back in the 1990's that highlighted situations similar to what other dealers in our industry face today. An article published following the TV segment stated, "Phil McGregor's Plano Overhead Door survived Dateline's test with commendable service". Phil told me that two of their installers were shown on the show, and were acknowledged as being the good guys. Following our discussion regarding unscrupulous door companies, we talked about videos recently created by the IDA/DASMA Industry Image Task Force for dealer use to address the issue. These videos were acknowledged as being utilized by them to promote the use of professional garage door companies. We also reviewed three websites supported by IDA to convey the importance of using professionals: (an IDA/DASMA joint production),, and www. In addition to these three websites, the IDA Code of Business Conduct has served the public by providing a third party for consumers to contact regarding negative experiences with door dealers. The IDA has been a mediator that has helped resolve primarily installation and service issues to the satisfaction of both the consumer and the dealer in many cases. As our interview neared conclusion, it was clear to us that IDA and DASMA must continue its work to address the issue of unscrupulous door companies and spotlight businesses that perform ethical business practices such as Plano Overhead Garage Door. In addition, maintaining a positive business image and reputation within ones market was acknowledged as being increasingly important in the garage door industry. Once again, caring for customers and treating them right was stressed to be essential and the responsibility of the garage door business owner. (continued on page 18) DOORDEALERDIALOG The McGregor's, Plano Overhead Garage Door, Plano Texas

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