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JAN-FEB 2018

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V O L U M E 5 1 I S S U E 1 F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 8 21 DOORDEALERDIALOG Building a quality reputation takes time and consistency in performance. Phil and Cindy can certainly attest to this fact because they have been at it since 1977. It was that year when Phil, being a one person operation, went out on his own to provide for his family. The company operated out of several warehouses and steadily grew through the 1980's. In 1990, they took the next step and moved to an office and warehouse. From day one, creating a customer base was accomplished by treating the customer with respect and providing high quality products, service and reasonable pricing. As Phil stated, "Word of mouth marketing coupled with a $400 monthly Yellow Pages ad launched the business forward." We all shared a laugh as we compared the marketing tools used in the 90's to those available today. However, we agreed that regardless of these changes, word of mouth sales created as a result of caring for the customer and quality service was the core reason for their continued business success. It is interesting to note that one of the company's most successful sales tools is the operator sticker…I guess some things just never change. After graduating from Texas A&M University, Nick joined the company during the great recession, and agreed to learn the business from the bottom-up. He started as an installer, was promoted to service manager, and then general manager. As the company structure evolved, Nick began to fill his previous positions with people he could trust. His General Manager, EJ Hildebrand, is a great example. EJ has worked at Plano Overhead Garage Door for 15 years and has seen the ups and downs, and most definitely knows the ins and outs. In 2016, Nathan joined the company as CFO, and Nick was promoted to CEO. Another Texas Aggie, Nathan has helped bear the weight and challenges associated with continuous growth and transformation of the company with current annual sales exceeding $4.5 million. "Phil and I are confident our two sons will take our company to new heights we never thought possible, while maintaining the integrity, ethics, and values that have always been the backbone of our company," stated Cindy. The business continues to evolve, largely from internal efforts. It was one of the first garage door companies in North Texas to have a website, and they are known for their leading edge marketing strategies and staying ahead of the curve. They understand that every business must evolve, but one of their main strategies has been to focus on competing with themselves rather than with their competitors. According to Nick, this mindset has allowed them to reach heights they never thought were possible for a family-owned business in (continued on page 22) (continued from page 18)

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