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(continued from page 32) Many in our industry call me the operator guru. This honorary title is a result from me going on hundreds of service calls and locating a problem that stumped others. I highly recommend you sit down with a pencil and paper and write down your strengths and weaknesses or where you think you need help, then list your goals, and move rigorously forward from there. Socialize with other techs and don't be afraid to ask questions. In my younger years I studied marshall arts. This was necessary because I was small and lightweight and had too develop a defense against the many bully's in my school. Becoming a Master in Karate requires daily training and a strict discipline. With operators you should decide the operator type you want to master first and stick with it for a while. Do you want to be competent and proficient with all three operator lines or just one or two??If you want to self-learn the normal road will be full of potholes and obsticals. I wish I could show you a short- cut, but really you must take the long road by starting with residential service, then some light commercial work, then heavier commercial work, industrial door work and finally gate operators if you want to service those also. The typical tech took this road for many years before becoming an expert. You can expedite your learning and knowledge on any of the mentioned operator fields by partnering up with someone who is already an expert and learn from them. This method is the only short-cut I can think of, but your mentor must be a good teacher and want to teach you. Sometimes an older experienced tech likes being the top dog and will not share his knowledge because he doesn't want any competition for glory. Having a good tech is a great asset, but that tech would be a bigger asset if he can teach your younger less experienced techs. Having a competent tech is good thing, but having 2 or 3 is better. To door dealers who want to expand their service game, I say this. Commend your good techs by making them teachers. The IDEA "Train the Trainer" program was created just for companies that want to promote inside training. Look into it! To those who want to be one of the best I say this; Be patient and I promise you will attain your goals. One day as you go on Your Journey of learning experiences you will start to understand the basics and your knowledge will grow experientially. Then you will be a top dog! With Door and Gate Operators you will have to know how to use a multi-meter since checking voltage, contacts and switches is essential in troubleshooting these two operator types. When I start a class, I have each tech make an introduction, and then just for laughs, I ask a student to rate themselves using the seven point Tech Philosophy list below. Rate yourself: q Don't know enough to even ask the right questions q Know enough to know I don't know much q Know everything I want to know q Know enough to be a danger to myself and others q Know plenty but fail to put it into practice q I know so much I could write a book on this topic q None of the above, because I defy description! Know thy self. When faced with a new task, I prefer to: q Think about it first q Ask for help q Jump in and see what happens Most troubleshooters start with residential doors and operators and expand from there. This makes perfect sense because residential doors and operators are easy to work on and easy to understand. Learning how to properly use tools is just as important as knowing what needs to be fixed. Many have learned the residential field just by diving in and learning as they go. Others learned by having an experienced helper or worked with someone who is already a seasoned installer. I highly recommend having an experienced mentor that doesn't mind being a teacher. I personally learned by diving in when I was asked to build a garage door showroom. There was no one to show me the first steps, so I figured it out myself. This is a foolhardy approach because there are tips and safety protocols you may overlook on the first couple of attempts. If you learn wrong you may carry on doing it wrong for a long time. If you want something quicker, purchase the Doortech DVD's from IDEA. The Doortech DVD's are well scripted and cast well known competent service personnel who demonstrate correct procedures, safety, and show valuable installation and service tips. Purchasing a Doortech DVD would be step one if you want to start out right. You can install a door on your wall to test your knowledge and understanding. Or if you own a home with a garage door; break it down and reinstall it. You must be aware of the dangers and areas where you can get hurt, Torsion spring replacement and falling from a ladder are two primary areas where techs have been injured. My son Roy III owns Luxor Garage Door Service in California and he is doing spring replacements nearly every day. It was only 4 years ago I showed him how to replace torsion springs and included the safest way to wind torsion TECHNICAL "To door dealers who want to expand their service game, I say this. Commend your good techs by making them teachers. The IDEA "Train the Trainer" program was created just for companies that want to promote inside training. Look into it!" - Roy Bardowell Continued on page 37 34 International Door & Operator Industryâ„¢

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