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MANAGEMENT 48 International Door & Operator Industry™ (continued from page 46) renovation in those states adds to the prevailing quantity of construction. We now project that the construction of new commercial buildings (see definition on previous page) will grow by 4.7% to 5.2% during 2018 as supply chain demands accelerate to meet rapidly changing consumer purchasing patterns, which includes more e-commerce staging of inventories closer to demand, particularly for perishable goods purchased on-line. We do not expect the demand for lodging, office or agricultural buildings to exceed the levels noted in the AIA forecast (2.4% to 3.1%), but we do feel that industrial construction will slightly exceed the 1.1% growth established by the consensus. For the last several years there has been speculation that the institutional building market (education, health care, public safety, etc.) will finally achieve accelerated and sustained growth, but it has yet to develop. The AIA consensus pegged institutional growth at 4.1% for 2018, up from 3.5% in 2017. However, slowing U.S. birth rates (200,000 fewer births in 2015 than in 1990) and a muddled political environment John E. Zoller and David H. Bowen comprise Zoller Consulting, Inc. of Wooster, Ohio. Zoller Consulting provides consultation of managerial effectiveness and financial performance of construction related businesses. They also offer customized seminars and training sessions. In addition, Zoller Consulting provides acquisition management, including finding buyers or sellers, locating funding sources, transaction structuring, and negotiating and organizing the transition to new ownership. Contact Zoller Consulting, Inc. at 330.262.8500 or John@ for healthcare policy reinforce a hesitancy for new construction. As 2017 was ending, garage door activity was reasonably intense, with renovations arising from hurricanes and fires, and an upsurge in both residential and commercial construction. Whether the upsurge was temporary or evidence of enhanced longer-term demand was unclear, but we can be reasonably certain that 2018 will see continued modest but durable construction industry growth – unless politics does indeed disrupt economics, which takes us back to the first paragraphs of this article. We remain optimistic that economics has the upper hand!

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