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Workshops (Schedule subject to change) (#10) It's Your Life; Recalibrate How You Engage In it! Presenter: Mark Evans, Engage Mark Evans will share his unique stories and experiences to demonstrate how being more emotionally connected or engaged can make your life better and learn how to recalibrate how you look at work, home and community. (#11) Marketing to Millennials, and Why You Need to Now! Presenter: Kaley Wichman, McAlear Group Did you know that Millennials make up a quarter of today's population? Understanding their unique buying habits is crucial for increasing sales. By attending this workshop, you'll learn some key tips to help you reach the 'digital' generation and increase your brand awareness, marketing effectiveness, and show you where to put your marketing dollars for the biggest return. (#12) The Shakedown: Seismic Loads on Doors Presenters: Joe Hetzel, DASMA, and Steve Hahn, Lawrence Doors Earlier in the decade, DASMA developed a template its door manufacturer members can use to determine seismic calculations. The topic of seismic loads will be overviewed and compared to other types of loads on doors, and the usage of the template will be explained. This session will be especially important for door businesses located in applicable geographic areas. 2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. (#13) Torsion Spring & Drum – Tech Workshop! Presenters: Paul McManus and Steve Smith, Service Spring Corp and a panel of Industry Technicians Tips and Tech savvy engineering of Tor- sion Springs & Drums. Get through the day quicker, safer and more efficient. (#14) If You Rely on Averages Only, You'll Only Get Average Results Presenters: Maxime Gendreau, Garaga, and Lars Niit, Door Systems, Boston For many years garage doors dealers have relied on a few key averages to monitor the progress of their business. These include: average amount per job, average sales by salesman, average miles driven by trucks, and so forth. Today, even the game of baseball has been changed due to the introduction of advanced statistics. In our opinion, the garage door industry is ready to introduce a brand new set of nuggets as well. Technology and better software is now allowing us to tap into a multitude of valuable information. What can we learn from statistics to better manage our garage door team? How can we improve our overall performance by monitoring key nuggets that are crucial to our success? What will guide our businesses to the World Series of Garage Doors? Owner-operator, Lars Niit, will tell you how detailed statistics and the use of a CRM system has allowed him to manage and grow the garage doors business founded by his father into a multi-locations operation covering more than 300 miles. It's no longer possible to be present everywhere, all the time, so how can you gather and analyze large amounts of data to keep your team in top game condition? How can you use statistical analysis to find the best opportunity for long term growth? Maxime Gendreau has tailored the GaragaNet platform to meet specific needs required by Lars' quest for better stats, and will present an insight into how data can be harvested on the local scene to help manufacturers improve their marketing plan. (#15) Understanding Door Safety Systems and How They Work Presenter: Kyle Hart, Canadian Doormaster Electric Ltd. An in depth review of the world of industrial door safety requirements and equipment. This is your opportunity to get educated on systems such as Infra- red eyes, safety edges and loops, as well as UL 325 requirements. (#16) Financial and Business Analysis for INDUSTRY INSIGHTS Presenter: Josef Roberts, E Squared Consulting In 2018, E Squared Consulting will be facilitating an industry wide financial and business benchmarking process for International Door Association (IDA) members called INDUSTRY INSIGHTS. Come and learn about the value of participation in the INDUSTRY INSIGHTS process, demonstration of the powerful system, process for participation, and a Q&A for members. Also hear from IDA members who are currently utilizing the INDUSTRY INSIGHTS system for their door dealer business. E Squared will be available in the IDA booth (#1948) during the IDAEXPO for more questions and discussion. 4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. (#17) Preventing Rotor Cuff Injuries for Garage Door Installers Presenters: Tom Murnan, Omaha Door and Window and Gabriela Vogel DPT, PT, CEAS, WorkFit Inc. Without a doubt, one of the most expensive injuries your crew can face in the garage door industry is a rotor cuff tear. What makes it doubly bad is that the recovery time can stretch to 8 months. What are you supposed to do with an employee when he/she is off for two thirds of a year? At Omaha Door & Window, we are trying a preventative measure. Stretching exercises are now required every morning before work begins. But other challenges are presented as well. Join Tom Murnan and Gabriela Vogel for a discussion of how to reduce the risk in a positive way. (#18) Resisting The Storms! Doors and Wind Presenters: Joe Hetzel, DASMA and Mark Westerfield, Clopay Since its inception, DASMA has developed a number of Technical Data Sheets and standards involving code compliance for wind. The key content of these documents will be explained, and new ASCE 7 wind provisions will be overviewed. Certainly with the extraordinary weather conditions experienced in 2017, this is an important topic for virtually all door dealers. V O L U M E 5 1 I S S U E 1 F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 8 57

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