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76 International Door & Operator Industry™ International Door & Operator Industry™ 76 SALES&MARKETING (continued from page 75) Go fishing The new talent you so badly need for your garage door dealership are welded to the Internet it seems. Look at these stats from Pew Research Center. Looks like the "fish" we need are swimming in the Internet pond, most of which are using social media. So grab your tackle box and head on over to Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other websites where your fish are swimming daily. Where to advertise? Recently we were asked by one of our door dealer clients to do some recruiting to fill two desperately needed installer positions. Like most, this medium size dealer in the southeastern U.S. was so busy with running the day- to-day operation there was no time to allocate time for a full court press on hiring. So we agreed to help and began promoting this well paid position online. We advertised on all of the popular sites including indeed, linkedin, craigslist, glassdoor, snagajob and others. The ad was quite explicit about having prior experience. During those three weeks we placed over $1,000 in advertising on these sites and received over 100 applicants of which 2 had prior experience. The overwhelming majority did not even have the skills needed to learn garage door installation! I felt like the client's money and my efforts were wasted. To make matters worse, the two that listed prior experience would not respond after trying to follow up with them via phone, text and email. Frustrating, to say the least. While these popular online job posting boards may be effective for advertising for other positions, they were not doing much for finding garage door installers. I remember our client saying, "Wouldn't it be great if there were a low cost online job board exclusively dedicated to garage door people?" They say necessity is the mother of invention. The need was certainly there but how could invention follow? A single portal I thought, why not create a job search website just for our industry? We could create a singular portal for employers and job seekers to log into and see only jobs specifically related to the garage door industry. A place where door dealers could place ads without breaking the bank and job seekers could see jobs only related to their profession. So, I searched for such a site but when I Googled "find garage door installer jobs" all I got was more of the same places we had already tried (indeed, glassdoor, etc). I spoke to various dealers, manufacturers and our trade organizations and all agreed that hiring is an issue but offered no real new solutions. It was time to try a new approach. is born Grandma always told me, "you can't know if something will work until you try". It was her inspiration that has guided me all my career and this time would be no exception. So I registered the domain, created the website and launched in October. We have partnered with an expert in the field of online employment sites, Smart Job Board, who helped us create a job posting board that is easy to find, easy to use and provides value to employers and job seekers alike. The process is simple for employers. • Register your account • Choose the type of ad • Fill in the blanks with basic job information • Check out. Our two main goals for the site were to make it easy to use and low cost. Employers and jobseekers can register for free. Employers can choose one time job posts for $20 - $45 depending on how long they want them to run. Larger employers can purchase job slots where up to 4 jobs can be posted each month with a cost of $75-$95 per month. Once registered, and ads are placed, you can monitor your ad's performance through the Employer Dashboard. Job seekers can search jobs based on job type, location or by our featured employers and then easily apply for jobs without leaving the site! They can also post their resume for free for 30 days or pay a nominal fee for a longer duration. For more information visit Go to the Mattresses In my favorite movie, The Godfather, when it looked like the five "families" were about to go to war over Don Corleone's refusal to sell narcotics, which led to an assassination attempt on his life, one of his most trusted lieutenants said "time to go to the mattresses". That meant it was time to hunker down, get tough and be aggressive. Hiring for garage door personnel requires this type of mental toughness. Okay, so the old, traditional and easier ways of recruiting new talent no longer work. Rather than griping about it, why not try something different. Here are some suggestions in addition to using online job boards. Internet Users Daily Use Internet Users of Social Media Adults, age 18-29 99% 88% Adults, age 30-49 98% 79% All adults, annual income of $30 - $49,000 90% 80% All adults, annual income of $50 - $75,000 95% 73% Go fishing... The new talent you so badly need for your garage door dealership are welded to the Internet. Look at these stats from Pew Research Center... (continued from page 78

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