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78 International Door & Operator Industry™ SALES&MARKETING International Door & Operator Industry™ 78 (continued from page 76) Call it guerilla marketing or getting back to basics, but there are unconventional ways to advertise for new techs. • Your Website – This may be a blinding glimpse of the obvious but I see door dealer websites that have beautiful homepages, artfully promoting their products and services but not once mentioning that they're looking to hire. Consider it as hanging your "help wanted" sign on your cyber-storefront door. Make it easy to see and link it to a simple to use online application form or maybe allow them to upload their resume. You are already paying for the advertising on the web to sell products, why not allocate some space for selling jobs? • Billboard Ads – Rather than selling doors, sell jobs on the roadside billboard you already pay to advertise on. • Truck Signs – It may sound hokey but it works. In addition to using your trucks to market your company brand, consider using it for recruiting your next installer. Your techs and their techs hang out at the same fast food joints. A well placed, eye-grabbing bumper stickers or magnetic sign can get noticed quickly and at least start a dialog. Once you've hired the people you need simply remove it! • Store Signs – Something as simple as a sign on your storefront may make all the difference. If you really want to get crazy use one of those lighted, rent-a-signs and position it so traffic passing your store can easily see it. • Employee Incentives – We are reluctant to hang bounties on the jobs we need to fill but let's face it, your employees collectively know more people than you do. Why not leverage their connections? Consider rewarding current Dan Apple is president of The Apple Group LLC, a consulting firm located in Bonita Springs, Florida. His focus is assisting garage door dealers with profitability and marketing. Dan served as president of Apple Door Systems in Richmond, Virginia for 33 years which grew to a statewide dealership with eight locations. He was the first president of the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation where he was responsible for creating the industry's first national accreditation program in 1998. Dan also served as a director of the Door & Operator Dealers Association and the International Door Association from 1994- 1998. Contact him at 804.640.4253 or email: or visit the website at employees with a significant bonus, say $1,000 or more, paid out over time if new hire meets expectations. Require that the referring employee also act as a job mentor to help the new hire adjust. Let them be part of the interview team and decision process also. • Hire Veterans – Consider contacting local armed forces recruiters. Yes, they may be more interested in finding new recruits but take it from this old sailor, re-entry into civilian life can be tough and the local recruiting office is there to help vets. Letting them know you are willing to hire and train veterans can help both of you. On GarageDoorJobs. com we are advertising our jobs to veteran related job search websites and make a special effort to welcome these heroes to our industry. welcome-vets/ I am sure you have other successful ways to recruit. If you'd like to share, feel free to share your idea with us and we'll be happy to post it to our blog for others to see. Drop us a line at Summary Finding and hiring new people takes time. Consider using the tools mentioned in this article if your methods are not working. The main thing is to understand that recruiting people is almost exactly like recruiting new customers… both require a bit of selling. Successful hiring starts with advertising online where potential employees visit. Basically, fish where the fish are biting! is born... • Employers and jobseekers can register for free. • Employers can choose one time job posts for $20 - $45 depending on how long they want them to run. • Larger employers can purchase job slots where up to 4 jobs can be posted each month with a cost of $75-$95 per month. Billboard Ads, Truck & Store Signs, Veteran Administrations... unconventional ways to advertise for new techs are also effective.

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